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18 years ago

Tried to get a good pic of this bird but even though they are here everyday they are just too far for my cam or video cam.

they are a pair of falcons/hawks that have a nest and do some great daily acrobatics...high dives with talons down screeching, mid dive tangle ups that result in both birds spiriling down like a twirling propeller until just before the ground they part and bank straight back up... fun to watch.

they are a dark bird. the leading edge of the wing underside is lighter, like tan, think they have yellow beaks and the head does not stick out far from the body...short neck, small head and beak. i have never seen these before, there are also a pair of redtails here and most years there are gosshawks too.

i realize a pic is worth a thousand words, but with the pics i have all you could tell is that it was a bird.

if anyone can help by the description that would be great, here is another pic of a recent visitor though, think it was a bald eagle, but not sure-

Image link:

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