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something is digging up my plants

15 years ago

hello there,

This year I did some massive landscaping changes and hundreds of new plantings and along with that have come some critters that are digging and munching. In particular they really like some of my baby seedlings of spring flowers, especially cornflower and sweet peas. The sweet peas are quite established now, having planted them in October, and are at least a foot tall so it's not as if they are a 'fresh' planting which is what I thought critters might actually want. But who knows--they're either squirrels, birds or cats. That's about all I have here. (I like to blame grackles for everything. Last year they built a nest right over my favorite wildflower 'bed' and pooped on my water pond every day.) Whatever they are, they are digging little holes... with the sweet peas they don't eat the top growth; it's as if they're trying to get at the roots and they've succeeded in a few cases, killing some of my plants. Any suggestions on how to keep them away?


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