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NEW: Incredible Edible's 4th Annual Seed Clean Out Swap!

12 years ago

Welcome to Incredible Edible's 4th Annual Seed Clean Out Swap!

It's time to plan next year's garden, flip through seed catalogs, and order all those varieties you can't live without. It's also a perfect time to go through your seed box and clean out all the seeds you don't want anymore and/or seeds that you're not likely to plant anytime soon.


1. Edibles only. This swap is limited to vegetables, fruits, herbs, and edible flowers.

2. The last day to sign up is January 17, 2012

3. Please have your seeds to me no later than January 24, 2012.

4. Please send seeds in a bubble envelope, with a return address label, and enough postage to get your package back to you. Generally speaking, whatever it costs to get it to me is what you should include for the trip back.

5. Please enclose a list of seeds that you have sent in and a list of the seeds you are hoping to receive back. Make sure to include both your name & GW username on these lists.

6. Because this is truly meant to be a clean-out of your unwanted and/or unlikely to be used seeds, there is a chance you will receive fewer seeds than you sent in. Extra seeds will be donated to KC Community Gardens, an organization that helps low income gardeners start and sustain gardens in backyards, vacant lots, school yards, and community gardens. This group has a long track record (30+ years) and has fostered thousands of gardeners. So this is a great way to clean out your seed box, get some new (to you) seeds, and, most importantly, support an organization that helps gardeners who are in need. Below is a link to the group's website if you want to learn more about them.

7. Please no seed older than 2009. One caveat to this rule, if you have viable seed from 2007 or 2008 that you want to donate, go ahead and send it in. I will not include these older seeds in the swap but will put them directly in the donation pile. If you didn't grow this seed in 2011, please do a germination test to confirm it will sprout. There is no sense wasting postage, time, and a gardener's hope on non-viable seed.

8. Once I sort the seeds and match up all the requests that I can, I will post a list of extra seeds on a 'Going Once Going Twice' thread. If you see something on the list that sparks your interest, speak up and I will add it to your stash on a first come first serve basis. Assuming that I have all the seed by January 24, I will try to post the list of extras on Saturday, January 28. To keep things moving along, I will keep the list updated for 3 days. After 3 days, whatever isn't claimed will be donated. Hopefully, we will have a nice cache of seeds to share.

Ok, start cleaning out those seed boxes.


Here is a link that might be useful: KC Community Gardens

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