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Native Pecans are Terrible this Year

13 years ago

Here it is the middle of November and I haven't gotten a single good nut from any of my native pecans. All the nuts that have fallen so far are damaged by bugs, worms or squirrels. Except for the ones that are still in the hulls. But most of the nuts are still tight in green hulls attached to the tree branches. Very strange.

Also, the crows and squirrels are scavenging on the ground a lot more than usual. Normally the crows pick a nut and fly out over the street and drop it so it will crack and then they drop down and pick it out. I watched several of them today, walking around my yard and driveway just looking at the ground. It was weird.

This seems late for the native pecans, doesn't it, or am I just craving a praline? Cheryl

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