worst tomato season ever!

7 years ago

I am not sure what happened..
I started 70 heirloom seeds, they grew well, I planted 30 of them in my garden. I gave the rest away...Those I gave away flourished and produced many beautiful tomatoes.
My plants produced almost nothing. Many had buds that dried up and died. Some had maybe three tomatoes but often just one. I supplemented my soil with compost (from my compost pile),,sheep manure and tripple mix..also used some fish emulsion. This is what we do most years, and I do shift the
gardens around...
I have an odd thought; Last year a friend gave me three tomato
plants that she bought from a farmer. They produced tons of tomatoes, but all rather tasteless compared to my usual heirlooms. Is it possible that those three plants were GM plants and left some residue in my garden to harm my plants????
I know we had a lot of early rain, but that has happened before and never such a bad year. Last year I had a few plants that produced nothing..but only a few..
Any ideas out there???? If my seeds are too old would they have germinated at all???
cheers, Martha/Zucchini buying tomatoes!!!

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