Tomatoes are ripening way too small

13 years ago

This is my first attempt at growing tomatoes but something isn't right. I'm using E.B. Stone soil and fertilizer and I have several large organic varieties in separate containers. I'd say the pots are 12-15 inches tall and about 12-15 inches wide at the top. The problem I'm having is that the tomatoes aren't getting as big as they should be. Not even close. I'm figuring these guys should at least be baseball sized but I'm barely getting dime sized fruit. They are turing red before they finish growing. I live in Arizona and it's pretty hot here so I water every day. I'm at a loss and I'm beginning to think it's too late in the season to salvage anything.

Any help would be appreciated. I'm a little discouraged because what I thought would be simple, hasn't been so simple.



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