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How to hang feeders from a cable?

11 years ago

Hoping someone has solved this problem - I am running out of ideas.

We mounted clothesline pulley wheels on the side of my house's front balcony and on a tree about 50 feet away. There's a moving cable on the pulley wheels, as well as a main cable (just for support - connected to the moving cable with a couple of wheeled S-connectors).

It's been working fine for a couple of years (I can easily refill the feeders from my balcony) EXCEPT for the way I'm hanging the feeders on the cable. I've been using a variety of hooks and clips and nothing I've tried has been both secure and easy to remove and replace, especially when it's snowing or really cold.

Has any come up with a good system? I need the feeders to hang in fixed locations, because otherwise they slide together on the cable due to gravity. Or they are hard to retrieve because they are just hanging freely on the cable.

I can't fasten anything directly/permanently to the cable because then the cable won't slide through the pulley wheels. I've used office clamps (the big metal ones you use for documents) and 4-inch clamps from the hardware store (kind of like what you see on jumper cables), but nothing stays put reliably.

Hope I have explained this clearly!



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