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2010 tomato report

13 years ago

well we are getting close to the end of our field season.

in large tomatoes the big surprise was Beef steak. it was the first large tomato to ripen it beat my Cherokee Purple by a week. those two have been my best producers.

black cherry - well the good and the bad of it is we started 200 plants but some one took all but one plant. we give away 1000's of plant each spring and we try to set apart what we want in our fields and green houses but some how they got away from us.

riesinthrobe - i like this one.

we have grown Kellogg's Breakfast in the green house for several years but this year is the first year i grew it in the field. way good tomato.

Anna Russian - this is our fifth year and it is a keeper.

German Giant - well the book said it was a 77 day tomato and the beefsteak was a 90 day tomato. the GG was about 3 weeks slower then the BS. stil is worth growing.

San Marzano - most prolific tomato but i like the taste of the Opalka better. also last year i trellised the Opalka and it was more productive that way. so the Opalka gets to go back on the trellis.

Negro Azteca - i am not sure if i wrote that right. well we did not get to compare it to the black cherry but we liked it.

Bonny's best - last year we grew in the green house and we liked it so we tried it in the field this year and it did not do as well.

Aker's West Virginia - this our fifth year with this one and it is a keeper too.

Pineapple Tomatillo - sirst year and we are making salsa so the jury is still out.

ground cherries - very sweet when they are ripe but they are so small that i think we will skip them next year.

we have people that want Roma's and Rutgurs but i think we will not offer them next year. they just don't stand up to the San Marzano and the opalka for production and taste.

some times in the past we ended up with the left overs from our give away. this year we are doubling our green house area and we will have a place to put aside your own plants.

life is a learning process. i just wish i could learn faster.

o well there is always next year.


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