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Aunt Ruby's German Green report

9 years ago

I don't have a picture of my first Aunt Ruby's German Green (ARGG)... well I do on my smart phone, but a smart phone is only as smart as it's user.

Anyway... this is my first experience with a "green when ripe" tomato.

It is about a 12 ounce fruit with very nice coloring.
Color: The top is green tomato green and slowly transitions to a pale green with a hint of yellow on the bottom.
Texture: Very firm on the top and slightly soft on the bottom (what you would expect from a ripe tomato).
Flavor: The bottom 1/2 (ripe) was very, very good. Sweet, juicy, and tangy. I would describe the tangy as being like a ripe tomatillo... my wife didn't agree (with the tangy like a tomatillo). The top half was what you expect from an unripe tomato, although still had a decent flavor.

Overall I would give it a very good flavor rating... would rate higher if 3/4 of the tomato were ripe instead of just 1/2. I think it would be a nice addition to pico de gallo or regular salsa!

Definitely a contender for a return next year.

How would you rate this or any other green tomato that you've harvested!

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