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Feeding baby barn swallows....parentless

14 years ago

Every year we have barn swallows and really enjoy watching them build nests and raise their young. This year we have been pretty busy and haven't been paying much attention to the nest in the barn, however I became concerned when I didn't see a parent for a few days. I thought maybe I was just missing them coming and going from the nest, but today I decided to plant myself in the barn and watch for a while. I continued watching all afternoon and through dinner and still no parent. After dinner tonight I just couldn't stand it (the babies have been chirping and it has been over 90 degrees every day for the last week and the barn is cooking). I crushed up some worms, added a little water and started feeding the 4 of them. I realize the commitment I am making and that it is likely they will die....but for now they are eating. Any suggestions on what else to feed them? (I haven't been successful at finding bugs....I have some natural canned dogfood I may try) I also know they need to eat constantly so I'm still hoping that a parent will return. Thank you! Shellie

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