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Direct Sowing because I can't grow a seedling.

10 years ago

I am in N Florida and planning on a fall tomato garden. I had (some) success in the spring, but used 5 gal buckets for my plants. We built raised bed gardens for the fall, and have a trellis in place so we have to get some tomatoes!! It's full of Mel's Mix, but for the life of me I can't get seeds to stay alive long enough to transplant. I tried direct sowing, and it seems to have worked for the last couple of weeks. The seedlings are alive, but they don't have any true leaves. Are they busy setting down roots right now, or are they just super slow? It's still hot here, in the 80's every day, so they should be growing right? Is there something I can do to give them a boost, beyond the banana peel 6" below them, or the compost in the mix? I couldn't stand if it they died, any advice is appreciated!! We are having large amounts of rain (hellooooo hurricane season) but so far they are alive and green. I had some Black Krim's pass away but replaced the dead seedlings with a few more seeds and they are doing great.

I'm so glad you experts are here!


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