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new: mnf 'Waiting for Spring'

14 years ago

"Waiting for Spring"

Feathery snowflakes, drifting

covering the summer garden

with a deep blanket

of soft downy white

Protecting all that is

beneath it's icy folds,

gently lulling that

which will be born again

Winter winds blow,

yet still, beneath the earth

the flowers slumber

uncaring in their dormant state

Till the Spring sun

melts the snowy cover

and all that is asleep

rises and blooms again!

Sometimes waiting for spring can put you in the doldrums. This month we're all about getting through the "hump month" and into the mild weather of spring. We'll be exchanging garden themed items and seeds. Some examples could be: seeds, ususual seed catalogs or seed writeups, windchimes, bird feeders, gardening tools, treats or whatever it takes to make your partner smile! It can be funny, serious or seriously funny...the sky's the limit! This isn't about expensive boxes just something to keep our minds in the garden and out of the snowbanks. Warm weather states can share their off weather woes doesn't matter where you are, you can still get the "waiting for spring" blues!

THE RULES (horns blowing and the brass band starting up)

#1 You have to be 18

#2 You are to send 5 or more seed packets

#3 sign up's are until the 10th and then partners will be assigned.

#4. The boxes are to be mailed out by January 25th

#5. The confirmation number is to be posted or sent to your partner (people like to know when it's arriving)

#6. This is all about fun and cheering up! Have a good time with it!

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