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Keeping food cold

18 years ago

I need ideas for keeping my ice chest cold over an extended trip.

The longest I've camped so far has been 5 days and I used milk jugs filled with water and frozen as big ice blocks. This has worked great, but my family is planning a ten day camping trip for our vacation in September this year. I HATE soggy ice chests, so I'm looking for a way to replace my jugs when they thaw, I'm assuming, mid-trip without resorting to buying and dumping in bag ice. I will be buying a Coleman Xtreme to take for my main chest and will also take my older who-knows-what name-but works great- chest. Oh and I like to cook and freeze as much as possible ahead of time, so that should help. Is there anyway in the world to keep some of this frozen or partly so for the second half of my trip?

Thanks in advance for ideas

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