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How can I help my St. Augustine grass survive the drought? PICS

11 years ago

I pray my St. Augustine isn't doomed!! My husband and I take pride in our yard; we've even won yard of the month a few times :) Our front yard is nice and shady and the St. Augustine did okay even in the scorching summer we had. Pics below just to show that we *do* take care of our yard! ;)

The back is another story. The previous owner removed a lot of the beautiful oaks in preparation of putting in a pool. Then he moved and the pool never happened. The back of our house faces East and the yard gets a LOT of sun... hand watering wasn't an option (we live in San Antonio and are in water restrictions) with a 2 year old and being 9 months pg in August. Our back yard is pretty big; 1/3 acre. So the grass really really suffered.

and a close-up :(

It's bad.... I know. And this morning I noticed weeds popping up. So my question is, is there anything we should be doing NOW to help it along? I know not a lot will happen until spring, but I'm hoping with enough water and care it will come back. Believe it or not, it was lush, thick, and weed-free this past spring.

We are very hard workers and aren't afraid of a little labor in order to get our beautiful yard back.... we spend every evening in our yard and having beautiful grass is a priority. I just feel there is *something* we should be doing before the spring!!!!

Thanks for your thoughts.

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