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IE and IH New Events and UpdatesThread 2009-2010

13 years ago

HI Guys!

I know I should have posted this earlier, but you know how it is! LOL!

I just wanted to start a new thread for the new year instead of dragging along those olds one. Here, you can check on the calendar, new events, ideas, updates, changes, etc.

This year, Becky and I have decided to post a quarter of a year at a time, this way we do not end up with a bunch of bogus ideas towards the end of the year, and it also leaves open some time and space for new ideas and changes.

We have also decided to make Incredible Heirlooms quarterly instead of every month, so the turn out will hopefully be better and everyone does not have to feel obligated to join both IE and IH, 2 swaps, every month! Plus, you can still include heirlooms with your IE trades, so it is not like we are losing anything!

There will also be our several side swaps through out the year, including more single themed swaps like our bean swap and tomato swap. We will be having a pepper swap, herb swap, squash swap, etc. through out the year as side swaps.

Here is the IE/IH calendar for the first quarter of 2010.

Incredible Edibles 2010

JANUARY~ NEW CATALOG FRENZY! For all of us new catalog addicts! In this swap, we buy and share seeds that we order from the new catalogs!Requests, new varieties for 2010, etc.

I know we have had this idea for January for months now on our other thread, but it seems that someone else has used a similar idea to start their own swap. This is different than that swap.


SIDE SWAP! BEcky's Clean-Out The Seed Box Swap coming soon,,,,

FEBRUARY~ CONTAINER GARDENING! Swapping all container and compact variety seeds only!

MARCH~ SPRING FLING! Just like out last Spring Fling, we swap seeds the colors, names, and themes of Spring, Easter and St. Patrick's Day! We also make a little Easter basket for our parter! Wether you use a real basket, or just dress up your mailing box with some grass and jelly beans, it will be a really fun way to celebrate the season!

APRIL~ BIG AND SMALL! He we are swapping seeds of both extremes! Varieties that are especially tiny or huge for that particular seed type, etc.

I am sure I am forgetting something, but I just wanted to get this posted since we are nearing the end of 2009. Although we have a rough sketch of what the rest of the year's swaps will be, please keep posting any ideas that you have here on this thread!

Thanks guys! Christy

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