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Saving seeds from a bad tomato

8 years ago

I have a ML tomato that had "fruit flies" on it if that is what they are. I left it on the back step, and now I know why it was attracting the flies. I went to lift it up to bring it in and cut it open to save seeds and it had already started to liquefy underneath. I have one other small one that came off this plant and I did save seeds from that one that are on a window sill right now. But those are likely the only tomatoes I will get from this poor plant this year. I figure in nature that must happen naturally to a tomato, which then breaks down and leaves the seeds behind, and they still grow. So could I just scrape the poor tomato into a cup whole and let it continue to disintegrate? I don't want this thing in my house since there are probably more tiny flies or gnats or whatever they are, that will hatch. Plus, it would be gross. :) The other one I started is on a kitchen widow sill in a clear plastic container with plastic wrap over it and small hole in the top. Is clear container rather than an opaque cup ok? My first time trying to save seeds. Pitiful for someone who has been growing tomatoes for quite a few years, I know.

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