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UPDATE: Secret Santa Swap 2010 Thank Yous and Games ( thread 5)

13 years ago

Please post here your thanks to the other Elves, and Play games :)

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  • redthreaddiy
    13 years ago

    Yay!!! Got more seeds today!!!

    From Debby_1 - a cute Santa card with a Santa sticker sealing the envelope, along with a generous amount of hollyhocks, siberian iris, and asiatic lilies!!! Thanks so much!

    From ruthz - a really cute layered snowman card with Datura (Ballerina White and Ballerina Yellow) ad some Columbine 'Magpie' seeds! Thank you thank you!

    Love all of the seeds! You guys are so great! Thanks for making this month so special! :D

  • julie2112
    13 years ago

    Got some more seeds yesterday!

    ILoveFarac sent me Ruby Lettuce, Daylily Mix, Poppy Mix, and Vales Collards. :)

    CarolynP sent me Iceberg Lettuce and Red Leprechaun Lettuce :)

    So excited to try all these greens! yummm
    Thank you both so much!

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    Me too! I got 7 cards today. My first day I received them. Jodie(Jodie74) sent me plenty of zinnia and gaillardia seeds Lisa(pumpkingal) sent me zinnia orange, gaillardia, black eyed susans and daisy (what a nice selection) Angelu(yotetrapper) sent me moon & stars watermelon and jarrahdale pumpkin (I have to look these up - am excited for these) Iris(rane_grow) - fanfare blanket flower Lynn(fearadun) - gaillardia (red/yellow), mutant marigold, calendula (unique card) Ellie(farmergirl) - canna , zinnia and gaillardia Katie(redthreaddiy) - canna, balloon flower and gaillardia (I will check out your website soon - I like that you put what type it is in your own seed packet like half - hardy - I think I messed up some seeds before due to that) I'm excited to start wintersowing. I thank you so much for the nice cards and seeds. I will attach all these cards to my wall... Thank you Kym for setting this up. It involves a lot of time to organize this. I will have various zinnias and gaillardia. =-) Hope they will flower the first year. Michelle
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    I'm so glad to hear that the seeds I sent out are making it to their new homes and two more cards with fantastic goodies have arrived to my home. Alana (poisondartfrog), thank you so much for the Argemone! I've really been wanting to try some of these but have been having a heck of a time finding seed. And the Pentapetes phoenicia, oh my goodness - this is the first I've heard of this species but as soon as I received the seeds I started reading everything I could find on it and this is most certainly my kind of plant. How absolutely gorgeous and I'm obsessed with the Monticello gardens and Jefferson's work as a gardener so it's so perfect. And last, but most certainly not least, the Ipomoea nil 'Sunrise Serenade' - this looks like an absolutely stunning variety. I'm doing a fence of Ipomoeas next season and this will look gorgeous there. Maria (elf7), thank you so much for the gorgeous card and the round carrots are absolutely perfect! They grow fantastically in the rocky soil here and I also love to grow them in containers and hanging pots. They're incredibly amusing. And I'm putting in a cutting garden and very much look forward to growing the dahlia zinnias there. ~Amanda
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    This is such a wonderful swap! Wonderful cards with warm holiday greetings and seeds for the new year! I can't believe it, but I received even more cards! You are all sooooo generous! From Margirta10 came a lovely snowman card with a snowman angel and "BELIEVE" on the front. Wonderful sentiment for this time of year! Inside were packets of Giant California mixed zinnias, white phlox, Pastel Carpet mixed alyssum and Tall Deluxe mixed snapdragons. Thanks so much - I love them all! A Happy Holiday stocking card came from Melinda/ilovefarac with one of my all time favorites --Hyacinth beans. woohoo! Thanks, Melinda! Karendee sent a hilarious card. Santa is standing with a shopping cart full of flowers and long shopping list. On the front it reads, "Seeds 'n Greetings!" Inside were another one of my favorites - mixed larkspur! Thanks, Karen! Funny larkspur story -- maybe some of you have had this happen to you... The first time the larkspur reseeded, it went outside the flower beds and into the yard a few feet from the original beds. Some of them were in such numbers that I went out and surrounded it with bricks so my DH wouldn't mow it down. I told him I was going to expand the flower beds - and that's what I did. Couldn't have had a better reason to expand the flower beds! Thanks so much for all the seeds and warm wishes! ~Kathy
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    Hello Sorry to be MIA, my computer is being stupid, I talked my hubby into leaving me his iPad this week so I can get on line. I want to post some thank yous. ... Chefconnie sent me a nice hand made card with radish, cosmos, basil, carrots, fennel and pie pumpkins. Jimryder sent me lavender cat nip and red cosmos. Kchd sent me wildflower mix Margarita10 sent me orange and yellow cosmos. Sandy soil sent me basil, cosmos, and coneflower. Salsa canner( funny I'm a salsa canner too,ummm salsa) sorry got distracted sent me sunflowers, parsley, radish, carrots, onion, cosmos, basil, toms. Thank you very much, love all the seeds and cards. My card ribbon is looking great. I saved my cards from last year and had fun looking at them. Happy mail boxing. Michelle
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  • carolynp
    13 years ago

    I got a fun card today. Thank you Miss Mojo for the wonderful Balloon Flower Seeds. I can't wait to start them! The card was just beautiful. Merry Christmas!!

  • ishareflowers {Lisa}
    13 years ago

    i got another surprise in the mailbox today, It was from DEBBY1....Debby Thank you for the commercial packet of sundial portulaca and the praire penstemon. i look forward to growing them!


    Redthread, I have not seen several of the cards I mailed. I'm hoping that people can't log on just yet..


  • Iris ( ranegrow ) z7 Maryland
    13 years ago

    Hi everyone ! Hope you are all keeping warm ? brrr...its cold outside !

    I received more cards and seeds in the mail yesterday ! Thank yous go out to :

    Vina/Flowergirl34 sent in a beautiful Horse in the snow card with a very nice note - Alaska , Becky , Crazy and Gerbera Daisy seeds and Asiatic/Oriental Lily seeds ! Some of my very favorite flowers ! love them ! thank you Vina !

    Julie2112 sent in a very cute Mitten card Pineapple and Amish Paste tomato seeds and Sweet Meat Winter Squash seeds, 2 of my very favorite veggies ! Thank you !

    Suegardens sent me a cute snowman card with Confectionary sunflower ( gotta look this one up ) marjoram, Bright Lights cosmos and japanese morning glories ;-) thank you !

    Paulan70 sent me a cute little Christmas wreath card ;-)

    perkybarb sent me a beautiful Pinecone card with Indian Summer BES, Lambs ear and Evening Primrose seeds, love them ! thank you !

    JMT221/ Jenny sent me a pretty Christmas tree card with some of my most wanted seeds - thai long purple eggplant, slow bolt cilantro, Lillian's yellow heirloom beefsteak tomato and Mammoth Dill seeds ! Thank you !

    Hibiscusfan/Suzanne sent me a pretty purple homemade reindeer card with some of my very favorite daisy seeds ( Shasta, Crazy and Becky ) and Cherry Brandy and Cappuccino BES ! thank you !

    Molly_and-me/ Margaret sent me a cute card with some Mammoth Sweet Basil seed paper, neat idea ! I look forward to trying this for the first time and with one of my very favorite herbs ! Thank you !

    I have been enjoying looking at the cards and seeds over and over again ;-) Wish it was spring already !! Thank you all so much for making me feel better !


  • amybeth82
    13 years ago

    More seeds in the mailbox today! Debby_1 sent poppy, marigold "Queen Sophia" (these look so pretty), and quaking grass (have the perfect spot for this), thank you Debby!

    ggwrn sent basil cinnamon (that is an intriguing combination, can't wait to try it), simpson elite lettuce, and giganteum poppy in white, light & dark purple (lovely! those huge seed pods look really cool). Thanks Ginger!

  • plant-one-on-me
    13 years ago

    Thanks go out to Carolynp for the the viroflay spinach. Looks like I will begin wintersowing with the grandkids next week. Kim

  • suegardens2
    13 years ago

    Many thanks to:

    Trudy (tbbgardens) for black beauty eggplant, cinnamon basil, garlic chives and biblical anise hyssop! I can't wait to try these!

    Annie (canyonwind) for beefsteak tomatoes and burpee stringless bush beans...yummy!

    You both made my day, I have had a rough go lately with all the snow and frigid temperatures here in NE Ohio.

    Blessings to you both,


  • dorisl
    13 years ago

    Thank you to Rose McTier for the lovely card and the new (for me) Tomato! Looking forward to trying this one.


  • rosemctier
    13 years ago

    many thanks to flowergirl34/vina, who send a lovely card packed with a tres cool morning glory mix, nigella, blue vervain, mountain bluet, and butterfly blue scabiosa! i have a blue/purple garden section, so these will fit right in!

    red, i wouldn't worry yet, although i have been too LOL. a card i mailed on 11/30 just got to its recipient, so apparently the P.O. is just overwhelmed by gardenweb generosity! that plus the log in problems might explain some things? i'm going to go back through the lists and see if everyone has gotten theirs so far too.

  • celeegra
    13 years ago

    I'm back on!!
    Thanks to missmojo for balloon flowers!
    Thanks to flowergirl34 for yarrow, scabiosa, adam's needle yucca, nigella, boneset, & Alaska daisy!
    Plus I forgot in my last post to thank hibiscusfan for the really sweet reindeer card!
    I love 'em all!

  • dan_the_mailman
    13 years ago

    I'm finally able to get onto the garden web! Sometimes it seems like the more things get "improved" or "fixed", they more they break down, eh? Hopefully all of the problems are over.

    Anyway, I would like to thank Melinda/ilovefarac, daffodillady, and Debby M for continuing to brighten my days with their cards, seeds, and well wishes! Thank you Ladies!
    (I'd tell you what seeds they sent, but Bump got into the seeds and mixed them up for me. I think he's wishing it were Spring too!)


  • skywaitress
    13 years ago

    Two more cards today! Thank you so much to:
    wishdesign~ for a cute card with KBX tomato & persian carpet zinna seeds
    missmojo~ for a lovely hand made card and purple balloon flower seeds!
    Thank you so much! You've made my day!

  • priscilla2007
    13 years ago

    I received more mail. I'd like to thank:

    dirtdaddy-david for- hot peppers: chile, maui purplepurple chiltepin, purple jalepeno,tabassco,long red cayanne,parsley laura, and louisanna red cayenne.

    missmojo for-ballon flower

    Margarita10 for- hot peppers, calendula, and marigolds

    Tbbgardens for- datura double purple, Hyssop purple anise, vitex purple, clitoria vine purple, mexican petunias purple, and hot pepper black pearl.

    Redthreaddiy for-marigolds french dwarf double, and cineraria magenta

    Hibiscusfan for- calendula yellow, and lemon balm.
    Not-the-green-thumb for- tomato purple russian, and hot pepper serrano chili.

    Gmom2-6boys for- foxgloves- mix

    Thank you all so much.

  • crisann
    13 years ago

    evening all --

    received two more cards today ~~

    daffodillady ~~ sent marigolds and cypress vine!


    ivyp ~~ sent marigolds!

    thank you both sooo much!

    snowing here again -- not looking forward to shoveling it in the morning!

    have a great night

  • deergarden
    13 years ago

    There was another envelope full of sunshine waiting or me at the mailbox today. I could really get used to this...

    FlowerGirl34, thank you for the Scabiosa, Coneflower, and both types of Yarrow (and the stickers:)). The deer should be utterly bewildered next year thanks to Santa's thoughtfulness.

    Hope your day was just as bright!

  • cryptid
    13 years ago

    Finally, we're back from town after a long day of TCB, and mailing off another ten envies of cards-n-seeds. Just two more to go, which will be mailed tomorrow (Elly's and my 30th wedding anniversary. - El's folks were going to treat to dinner out, but alas they're going through a bit of a rough patch just now, recently brought upon them by scurilous so-called home visitation health provider assistants (read vultures)). It's just sooooo great reading about all the generous, festive exchanges, here, not to mention the essentially familial interaction! This entire SSSS is such an unbelievably powerful Christmas season's feelings boost for Elly & I, as it was last year! Thank you, everyone, just simply for participating! - Kym, totally rock, girl! Thank you sooooooo much!! :)

  • jodie74
    13 years ago

    Yesterday I received a bit of sunshine in my mailbox despite the "SNOHIO" bitter, cold day......

    Thanks to flowergirl34 for the aster & purple coneflower!! LOVE THEM BOTH!!!!

    Peace & love,

  • yotetrapper
    13 years ago

    Well, I'm home. My dad came through the surgery ok, thanks for all the prayers. They split him wide open and replaced his defective heart valve with one donated by a cow. He is now at home, probably trying to do too much.

    When I got home, I found a stack of 6 cards waiting for me! Last night I put up my Christmas tree and got it about half decorated. Now the rush to get caught up on Christmas!

    Thanks to the following people for their cards. They sure cheered me up during this hectic and trying time.

    Ishareflowers for the Peaches and Dreams hollyhocks
    Gmom2-6boys for the dill
    kmpsmom for the cute snoopy card and the white saponaria
    and yellow calendula
    missmose for the liatris
    crisann for the little finger carrots, calendula mix and dill
    pumpkingal for the garlic chives, dill and utah tall celery

    Thanks so much all, and merry Christmas!

  • flwrs4ever
    Original Author
    13 years ago

    PLEASE dont fret, just yet about cards arriving SOOO many people have been writing me saying they cant post or even log into the site. PLUS this time of year with all the snow..and large amount of mail it does slow down ...

    PLEASE, once the Holidays are over..take time to post on the RATE AND REVIEW page , this helps each member keep up their good standing..and it is a nice way to say thanks !

    ***** IF you have placed your cards on a wall, or a ribbon or in a special location TAKE A PHOTO and SHARE :) If enough people post a photo Ill give out some prizes ! ***

  • flwrs4ever
    Original Author
    13 years ago


    If you played the 12days of christmas PLEASE email me your answers, u dont have to have them all to win prizes, just show you played. Those answers posted on the thread do not count ! I need an email choose winners !!

    **Cryptid thanks I am really glad everyone enjoyed the swap !! Happy Anniversary :)

  • redthreaddiy
    13 years ago

    I got some very interesting and great cards/seeds today!

    From crisann - this hilarious and super cute picture-card of her dog in a santa hat and all tangled up in Christmas lights, along with a generous amount of seeds! I got pink mallow, datura mix, and yellow hollyhocks. I am super excited about these, especially the pink mallow!!! I have always seen them at garden centers and have always wanted them. So awesome that I now have them! THANKS!

    From bumblebee1 - a Santa card with some really interesting seeds that I have never seen before! Hot Pink Oleander and red Amaryllis. Those are so odd looking! She also sent Canna 'Indian Shot' and Lavender Datura seeds. So cool!!! Thanks so much!

    Both of these packets were extremely well-packaged, thank you guys! Can't wait to grow the many seeds you have sent!

  • erika_ct
    13 years ago

    I got two more cards yesterday. From flowergirl34 and from riley17.

    Both feverfew. I know exactly where I'm planting that feverfew too!

    Thanks guys!

  • poisondartfrog
    13 years ago

    I got two more great cards!
    Bea (graanieb) sent me a beautiful glittery card with Yvonne's Salvia, Night Blooming Jasmine, and Benary Giant Zinnias, only larger. I can't wait to give those a try. Thank you Bea!

    molly_and_me sent a cute card with some Calendula Pacific Beauty seeds in seed paper. I look forward to trying that for sure. She also sent Alcea, Chater's Double Icicle, one of my most wanted seeds! Thank you Margaret!

  • bustani_mama
    13 years ago

    just thought id post a thankies to riley17 for the cool card (from post) and white yarrow agastache honey bee blue (something to look up yay!) feverfew ane hyssopus officinalis lavender


  • buturfliis_mom
    13 years ago

    Hi to all...

    I received a sweet card from Rosemctiev the other day... I forgot to post and I apologize. Thanks so much for the cup and saucer vine seeds... whooohoooo...

  • molly_and_me
    13 years ago

    I am loving this!

    suegardens2 _ zinnias Giant California mix. I love all zinnias and they are DHs favorite flower. Cute card with smowmen and snow.

    Flowergirl24 - King Edward Yarrow. I did not even know I wanted this until I looked it up. It will definitely be in my garden. She embellished the card with drawing. One is a picture of a dwarf yarrow so cute.

    Ohiovalleygardener _ zinnias, giant cactus flowered _ another type of large zinnia _ yeah! My butterflies will be so happy. Beautiful red card with white dove.

    Thanks to everyone who is involved with this swap. It makes my day to read all of the positive comments and share the feelings of Christmas joy. I even get excited about the seeds all of you are receiving. It stamps grew on trees all of you would have received a card from me.

    Merry Christmas, style="text-align: center;">

    Happy New Year, style="text-align: center;">

    and may all your gardening dreams come true. style="text-align: center;">


    Message for poisondartfrog _ Alana, I thought I had forgotton to mail your card so I sent you a another card and seeds. Enjoy.

  • jodie74
    13 years ago

    Thank you so much celeegra for the seeds (amaranth hot biscuits, zinnia canary bird yellow & bunny tails) but I was SOOOOO touched by your kind note inside your really unique card!! Just that you took the time to "by hand" write me a note is amazing during this busy time of year!! And I completely agree... The generosity & patience of GW members is amazing!!!!

    That note was very special to me!
    Peace & love,

  • suegardens2
    13 years ago

    Attn: flwrs4ever

    What email address do we send the games answers to please? I clicked on your my page link but no email option was listed.

  • rosemctier
    13 years ago

    the mantle with most of the cards i've received so far plus a few old ones my daughter made. ignore the dirt :)


  • rosemctier
    13 years ago

    and the tree. about 12' tall. i can't move far enough back to get a complete picture LOL


  • Melinda Hagen
    13 years ago

    2 more cards today!
    Adorable homemade card from Karendee with agastache. And a cute card from suegardens2 with oriental poppy!
    Thanks so much! Will be planting these for sure!
    Love the tree!!

  • perkybarb
    13 years ago

    Well, this is too much fun.
    Two cards received today:
    #Bumblebee# (Ewa) sent me the cutest card with puppies on it and Datura, 2 varities of Cleome and mixed morning Glory. Thanks so much!
    #Paula N# sent a very pretty card with Cleome and Hibiscus seeds. Can't wait to plant them.
    Thanks to both of you and Merry Christmas!

  • amberroses
    13 years ago

    Two more cards today!

    From IvyP- Chrentais melon and red amaranthus. Thanks for thinking of me. I am sure I will enjoy the seeds.

    From Eva (bumblebee)-Painted daisy, zinnia sunmix, red star hibiscus, and autograph tree. Thanks Eva. I had to look up the autograph tree and was surprised to find it is a Florida native. Should be neat to try.

  • dan_the_mailman
    13 years ago

    Perhaps we should call today Twosday, ya think? That seems to be the number of cards most people are receiving, including me! After a day of driving in the ditches and delivering packages, it was like a breath of fresh air to find the only mail I had in my mailbox were two cards filled with good cheer!
    Bustani's card had a wintery c-tree on it, and inside was a wrapped package containing basil and catnip! Something for everyone to enjoy...yayyyyy! THANK YOU!!!
    Karen sent a card filled with "seeds 'n greeting" which gave me a good chuckle! Inside was a package of marigold seeds, which I've always thought of as little bursts of sunshine in the garden THANK YOU!!!
    After seeing so many ways to package these seeds, I'm going to have to remember a few of them for next years' swap!
    Kym, is it too early to start planning for next year??? ho ho ho

  • dirtdaddy
    13 years ago

    Got a nice card today from flowergirl34! She sent ruby giant coneflower, marigolds, burgundy hollyhock, purple yarrow and fiesta daisy! thanks sooo much, dd.

  • yotetrapper
    13 years ago

    I too got two cards today.

    Thanks very much Karendee for the dill, and suegardens2 for the marjoram. I've never grown marjoram and look forward to trying it out.

  • cryptid
    13 years ago

    Wow Rose, what a great, festively decorated mantle and tree (12 ft.?! Hoo-ee! You totally win! LOL!!)! Bet many of those ornaments are attached to a whole lot of happy memories, eh?! So,...since you've broken the ice, so to speak, now it's my turn to post pix of our SSSS card display...

    Table Fiber Optic Tree - SSSS Lit Up

  • cryptid
    13 years ago

    View 2,...

  • keiki
    13 years ago

    Debby_1 sent me an adorable card ,with 2 children playing in that cold white stuff, with seeds inside. She sent mammoth sunflower and tall pink zinnia, thank you. I am especailly excited about the zinnia.

  • smitties
    13 years ago

    I received a message from Ellie and she has not been able to log on for several days so she has asked me to post these messages for her.

    A thank you to Debby (Debby_1) for the cute card and clematis - Jackmanii seeds and Echinachia - purple seeds. Thank you so very much.

  • plant-one-on-me
    13 years ago

    I received 3 more cards in the mail yesterday!

    Thanks to
    Annie, Canyonwind for the victorian dwarf, scicilian giant paste and absinthe tomatoes....totally new ones for me to try!

    Keiki thank you for the bell peppers, florida pink tomatoes,solar set tomatoes and one of my favorite veggies...kohlrabi!

    Also Jasmini, jasil for the mustard, fennel and leeks

    Looks like I will be eating good again next year!!! Kim

  • yotetrapper
    13 years ago

    Just found a card I dont know if I thanked for or not, so...

    Thanks to Beauswatch for Red Texas Star HIbiscus and dill.

  • redthreaddiy
    13 years ago

    My dad hasn't been able to log in and post for over a week, and he's getting pretty frustrated! He emailed gardenweb but they didn't respond yet. Anyways, he sent me this message because he wanted to thank everyone for all of the cards he received so far, which is a lot!


    Wow wow WOW - I am just overwhelmed with happiness with all of the cards and seeds I have been receiving! Everyone has been very generous and I am very grateful to you all for this. I have a whole pile of cards that I will be thanking people for, so stay with me.

    BUSTANI - Christmas tree card with a present inside. I opened the present and out came never-ending seeds. Wow wow WOW! I think they were all hand-drawn on and colored with Christmas sayings. I could see that a lot of work went into packaging these up and I am very grateful. She sent Cherry Bomb Pepper, Catnip and Catgrass (Kitty is very grateful), Sugar Snap Peas, Basil Mix, Blue Lake Bush Bean, Nature Sweet Tomato (LOVE TOMATOES!), and Habenero red & orange mix seeds. Thank you very much. You are more than generous and thoughtful. Merry Christmas!

    DEBBY_1 - Cat with a Santa hat on sticker was sealing the envelope. Very cute. I got a reindeer card and inside was Pepper long red cayenne and rutgers tomato seeds. Thank you very much! Peppers and tomatoes are my specialty and I can't wait to try these out. Happy Holidays!

    MOLLY_AND_ME - Candy sticker sealing envelope. I think the card was handmade - very professionally done. You have a great talent! I got seed paper that has Mammoth Sweet Basil embedded in it and some catnip for the kitty. How do you make seed paper? It looks great, I am interested in making some of my own sometime. Very creative person - a lot of time has obviously gone into this card and the seed presentation. Thank you and Merry Christmas!

    JULIE2112 - 3-D mitten card looks very cool. She sent me tons of seeds, how generous! I got onion 'white sweet spanish', pineapple tomato (wow sounds interesting!), amish paste (Have to look that one up), cauliflower 'snowball' (never grown that before but looking forward to it!), cauliflower 'self blanch', beefsteak tomato (one of my favorites), and Rutgers tomato seeds. Thank you very much - I love them all and will plant them with care. Happy holidays!

    DIRTDADDY - Very cool Elvis Card along with lots and lots of seeds. I got Parsley Extra Triple Curled, Fish Hot Pepper (his favorite, looks interesting!), Louisiana Red Cayenne, Thai Basil, Mavi Purple Hot Pepper, Tepin Pepper, Wenks Hot Pepper, Dr. Wyche's Tomato, and Lemon Drop Hot Chile Pepper seeds. Wow - I can't thank you enough. It must have taken forever to harvest those seeds - I am very grateful and can't wait to grow these. So many varieties that I have never tried before. Thanks so much and Merry Christmas!

    RUTHZ - Cool snowman card that says 'let it snow' with some great seeds inside. I got yellow eye bush bean, japone pepper, and...

  • bustani_mama
    13 years ago

    thankies karendee for the cool card and cillantro

    --im glad people are liking my seed packs they were hand drawn then photocopyied and ive got PLENTY left for next year plus ive dug out some lang cards fer next year as well (unlike the dollar store ones ive used this year)

    --yes i do plan on joining next year this IS fun

  • nottougly
    13 years ago

    I received a card today from bumblebee1.
    She sent cotton seeds, eucalyptus, amaranthus and giant cactus seeds.
    Thank you very much for them.

  • dan_the_mailman
    13 years ago

    I get to do some more "Thank You"s today! Cool!
    Darrin/cryptid sent a mini keychain light for when I'm unlocking my front door, which'll come in quite handy during these cold Northern nights! It was wrapped up and even had a bow on it, COOL! Also cool was the card and homemade seed packets containing morning glories, poppies, snapdragons, marigolds, white coneflowers, black-eyed susans, and 4:00s!
    Ellen/buturfliis_mom sent a 3D snowman village on a card filled with morning glories, foxgloves, cosmos, and poppies.
    Holly/riley17 sent a card with swans on it, too cool! She also sent sunflowers, cosmos, buttercup squash, and 2 types of mini-pumpkins. Holly, I'm glad you ran out of Christmas cards, I like this one a lot!!!
    Darlyn/Darlyn58 sent a snowman bearing zinnias, basil, and foxglove. Awesome!

    All in all, this just made a good day even better!!! Thank you one and all!

  • redthreaddiy
    13 years ago

    Awww... I almost started crying when I saw what was inside Cryptid's envelope. The card itself was handmade, and embellished with glitter and snowflakes. There was a personalized note inside and his wife, Elly, crocheted a beautiful purple butterfly ornament. There was a cute little silver bow on top. As for the seed packets, they all had little Christmas pictures on them which are very cute! Now for the seeds - I got Red Canna Lily, Mixed Pink Poppies, Red Hollyhocks, Chater's Double Pink Hollyhocks, Le Fleur Lilac Datura, and Blue Datura seeds. Thank you so much for your thoughtful gift. I love everything!

  • msirie
    13 years ago

    I wish to thank the following people for their good will and generosity. You've all made my Christmas very special. Thank you all!

    1. Bonnie P. Thank you so much for both of these. I have wanted a Russian Sage plant for a very long long time. I
      brought one last year, but it didn't do so well. So hopefully, I will have better luck with these seeds. I can't wait to see them blooming. And a special thank you goes out to little Eva for making such a beautiful Christmas tree card.

    • Russian Sage

    • Lettuce Leaf Basil

    Bustani, I love surprises. So far, I have a few different kinds of Basils from my good friends here at GW. Finding out which kind these are will really be special. I can't wait to try my Chamoile tea in the summer time. I love the note that you've attached to the Cactus Mix. "If your plants reach at least 4 inches in height, please return to the desert from which it came." I can't tell a lie, don't know if I will be able to do that. lol!

    • Basil Mix

    • German Chamolie

    • Cactus Mix

    Daffodillady, Wow, and so many seeds. Should I expect blooms this year? You're not going to believe this, but on the way to the mailbox, I looked at the yard and thought how bare everything is right now. I thought, wouldn't it be nice to have a tall plant that stood out in the summer time. And then I opened your package. I was happy. My thoughts materialized when I opened your card. It's unfortunate that the PO crushed so many of the seeds even though you said "Hand Stamp".

    • DaY Lilly Mix

    • Castor Beans:

    Alma H., A girl can't have too many Day Lillies. I love them. Thank you so much. I googled them. The colors are truely awesome.

    • Day Lilly Awesome Blossom.

    Ginger W, these are two of my all time favorites. Thank you so much for fullfilling my wishes.

    • Echinacea Ruby Star

    • Rudbeckia Henry Eilers

    Jean H, You are the first one to send me Sage, which makes them even more special. The Penstemon are something new that I am trying this year. I've seen lots of pictures and decided it was time for me to give them a try. And as for the Rudbeckia, oh my! Thank you!

    • Sage Broadleaf

    • Penstemon Pinifolius

    • Rudbeckia Irish Eyes

  • paulan70
    13 years ago

    Well I recieved 2 more cards today so I would like to thank

    Karendee for the Pink/purple columbine these will go great with my new shade bed. And I love the card thank you

    flowergirl34 thank you for the hibiscus swamp mallow and for the Kopper King Hibiscus both will go great with current collection of hibiscus. And I love the snowman card.


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