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UPDATE: big one time seed swap

Belinda Sisemore
16 years ago

First of all IÂd like to thank everyone who joined the swap. I have really enjoyed doing the swap and look forward to more swapping. I stay about a week behind on my gardening all the time. The swap has run longer than normal, a lot due to things going on in my home. I had the double birthday party for my daughter and, Halloween , Thanksgiving was in there and a dozen other things, But I am finally starting on the sorting and will be sending back (in no order what so ever) Hopefully I can get 10 a day done, my goal is at least 10 a day back out so I will hopefully have them done in a week.

Also I will post here and email you (if I can) who got send out as they go so you'll know they are on their way

Next, not everyone send a wish list, for those who did I will try and get a few things off that list for you, Just remember I am not the seed fairy because if I were weÂd all have a beautiful yard.

Next, a lot of Morning Glories and trumpet vine as well as other common seeds came into the swap, so when you get some of these just remember a lot came in and that means I ended up with some too. I will try and spread these out. Here they are like weeds. They grow wild on the ditch banks and every old building in the entire state of Arkansas. I have the trumpet vines on every building in my yard and have not planted those and I have tons of Morning Glories pop up every year that I weed out as weeds.

I am proud to say there wasnÂt a lot of sunflower seeds come in. I canÂt remember seeing not one black oil sunflower seed.

Thanks again


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