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please help!!! i'm so lost!

15 years ago

Hello there. I'm originally from Houston, I've lived the past 3 years in Phoenix, and I recently bought a house in the DALLAS area.

I have several potted plants on my porch (which I'm so proud of), but I'm lost on how to take care of them for the winter. As I type, they are in the hallway right next to me, because of the possible freezs warnings this week.

I have a Endless Summer Hydrangea, which has never bloomed in a large pot. I am aware that with this kind, I am not supposed to cut back, but do I keep it in the garage? When do I wrap it up for winter? Do I let all the green die first??

I have a Plumeria in a pot (I just found out what this is) I understand that it does not like temps under 50, but what do I do with it indoors?? A UV lamp?

I have a large Mexican Lime tree, and I think it is in the same boat as the plumeria.

I have a Pot with knockout roses in the center... and something green with purple flowers, almost like a ground cover. Do I leave this out??

And I have a tiny pot of Purse Lane, but I think those are annuals???

Do I need to wrap the base of all my pots if I leave any out so the roots don't freeze?? What kind of UV lamp do I get?? I just worked really hard all summer, and I'm attached and would like to keep these guys alive (since I've killed most of my house plants). I appreciate any help offered. Thank you so much.


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