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UPDATE: Sisterhood of the Traveling Bubble Mailers! Round #1

17 years ago

This little Robin is just about stuffed!

First things first, the mailing order....

1 beth_b_Kodiak (AK)

2 veeja11 (WA)

3 ladyblues1965 (AR)

4 the_loam_ranger (TX)

5 abcgirltx (TX)

6 RainbowLake (OK)

7 Mellen (IA)

8 skohler (MI)

9 GrannyMarsh (MI)

10 DebbyA (IL)

11 eln2002meyer (IL)

12 hija_de_lamadre (IN)


14 EarthlyDelights (PA)

15 drippy (MA)

16 scouttiegirl (NY)

17 lilylouise (NY)

18 Valiche (NJ)

19 ggwrn (NC)

20 Brittneysgran (NC)

21 amybabyboy3 (GA)

...and then back to your truly, to be sent on to Round #2! That is, of course, if we have a round two, and I think we will =) And, round #2's mailer will be sent back through the first group, to everyone who wishes to go through the robin again =) I hope that wasn't too confusing ;) I haven't finished my coffee yet, so I am not quite sure how coherent I am at the moment!

I have put together the seeds for the robin, 106 packets in all, with 73 different varieties! I have included double packs for about 1/3 of the varieties, and triples for just a few. Most of the seeds are from my own garden, with a few comercial seeds and some from "generous traders."

I will include printed instructions for the Robin in the mailer, but I wanted to post here as well so everyone can read the rules in advance.

Guidelines for exchanging seeds:

I am sure that these guidelines are like second nature to most of you, but please take time to read them!

Take as many packets as you like, but replace as many as you take! I have included three bags of seed packets, one for "common" seeds, one for "not so common" seeds, and one for special trades (rare seeds, special named varieties, and seeds for unusual plants.) If you take seeds from the "common" bags, you may replace with whatever seeds you wish. If you take from the special trade bag, I ask that you replace your selections with something of equal value.

Seeds may be commercial (store bought,) collected from your garden, or "re-traded" seeds (if you are confident of the trader from whom you recieved them.) Seeds may be for any type of plant: flowers, foliage, vegetables, tropicals, etc. You may include duplicate packets (two or more of one variety) but please keep this to a minimum.

"Standard" trade sizes will apply for this Round Robin:

For "common" seeds:

1/8 to 1/4 teaspoon for tiny seeds (foxglove, snapdragons, viola, etc.)

25+ for medium seeds (salvia, morning glories, datura, hibiscus, mallow, etc.)

10-15 for larger seeds (sunflower, pumpkin, lunaria, cerinthe, four o' clocks, etc.)

5-10 for very large seeds (wisteria, dracaena, camellia, tree seeds, nuts, etc.)

For special trade seeds, smaller amounts may be traded. Use your best judgement!

Seeds must be collected or packaged for 2004 or newer, nothing older is permitted. Chaff is expected (and sometimes unavoidable) for tiny seeds, but please keep it to a minimum for seeds that are easily cleaned.

Seeds must be securely packaged! Small zip baggies work best, and I am including a package of these in case anyone needs them for this trade. You may also use paper coin envelopes or homemade paper packets, as long as they are leakproof! Please label your seeds with common name, year collected, and hardiness (annual, biennial, or perennial.) You may include more information if you like.

Please make sure that your seeds are thoroughly dry before packing!

The Traveling Journal:

Take some time to tell us about yourself! You may be as brief or long-winded as you like. There are plenty of pages! Be sure to include your GardenWeb name, your real name, and some notes on your garden(s)! You can also tell us about your family, pets, hobbies, job, etc., whatever you would like to share! Also, use the journal to list seeds you have taken from/added to the mailer and photos you add to the CD.

You may also add decorations (pictures, stickers, etc.) in the journal and to the mailer if you like! Be creative and have fun!

Instructions for the Photo CD:

You may use the CDR to add photos of your garden, family, pets, etc. The CD should hold a lot of photos, but please keep the file size to about 300k or smaller. You may use .jpg, .gif, or any other common types of files. Be sure you give your photos names that includes your initials (i.e. "rose_sh.jpg") so we know where they came from! Please use burning software that will allow you to keep the session open, this is very important. If you close the session, no one else will be able to add pictures! Also, keep in mind that pictures on the CD are the property of those who added them, and may not be reproduced, altered, or published without their permission. I have included a SASBE for the CD, should it become damaged or otherwise unreadable. If this happens, please email me right away and return the CD to me. I will try to recover files if I can, and burn to a new CD to be sent to the next person in line. If you fill the CD or accidentally close the session, please include a new blank CD, but keep the full one in the mailer so that others may view it. Also, you may want to scan the disc with antivirus software before and after you add your pictures, just to be safe!

Exchanging Gifts:

I have included a few small gifts that may be exchanged. As with the seeds, take what you like and replace what you take! You may include extras if you like, but please be considerate of your fellow Sisters' postage costs! The gifts you send need not be expensive or extravagant. You may include either "store bought" or homemade items. Gifts should be something relatively lightweight and somewhat garden-related. Some examples would be small garden ornaments, bookmarks, note cards, small knitted or crocheted items, candles, teas or coffee, decorative plant markers, etc. I have wrapped the gifts I am sending, but I have given a clue to what they are on the tags. You may do the same, or leave them unwrapped.

Something special:

I have included a special gift for first person in line, and would like each of the Sisters to do the same for the person to whom they are sending the mailer. Again, this need not be anything too expensive, but something special and from the heart. Some examples would be a packet of seeds from their want list, personalized note cards or stationary, a few of your favorite recipes, etc.

Instructions for mailing:

I have included a mailing label for each person in the Robin. On the back of each Sisters label is their GardenWeb ID and their number in order of mailing. There is also a list of addresses in the printed instructions. You must send the Mailer by priority mail with delivery confirmation, and you may add insurance if you like. After you send the Mailer, please post on this thread with your confirmation number. After the mailer has completed its travels, it will be sent back to me.

I plan to send the mailer out to Beth on or about January 6th, and will post as soon as it is on the way!

I want to thank each and every one of you for joining and making Round #1 the start of something wonderful!

Also, if you are just reading about this trade for the first time and want to sign up for round two, please check out the original post. The link is below.

Shannon, aka Garden Witch

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