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Planning a Teaching Garden

13 years ago

I'm building a teaching garden at our local library and would like y'all's input on the plans to make sure I haven't missed anything. I've been staring at these things for weeks ~ all day today (10am to 5pm). I'm snowblind at this point, so even if I've left something out, I doubt I'd be able to see it. Would you look over my plans so far and let me know if you see anything I've forgotten?

This will be an organic garden where we'll hold classes for the general public on things like seed starting, saving true seed, intensive planting, building good soil, etc. It will also be a demonstration garden, giving people ideas on a cheap way to build a greenhouse, how to build and use cold frames, different ways of building beds (rock, wood, roofing metal, cinder blocks, unsided wide rows, etc.) and where people who've never tried out an uncommon tool like a diamond hoe can do so before buying one. I hope to also have guest lecturers as well. And I'll be talking to the elementary school next door to see if they can use it as well.

We're not going to do the first planting 'til late January and first class 'til atleast spring. At first, it'll be small class size, on things that can be taught in half-hour or hour classes, like making tomato cages out of cement form wire, direct seeding (depth and spacing) and installing drip irrigation. As time goes on and we raise money/donations for the greenhouse, more seating with tables for desks, etc., we'll hold larger, longer and more regular classes.

So far, the county commissioner has leveled the 80'x60' plot for us, and we have a fence built around it. The wire was donated by a local resident and the rest of it, including labor and those gorgeous posts you see in the pictures, was donated by Austex Fence (SUCH nice guys!). Isn't it gorgeous?! Once they're finished building the gate, they'll come back out to hang it and cut the posts off all the same height.



Here are the Want List and To Do List/Schedule. I still need to add some details ~ amounts to some of the items on the want list for instance. But does anyone see any glaring errors or omissions?

And here's the plot plan I've drawn for the hardscape. Walkways around the large areas are atleast five feet wide. The wide row plot will hold seven 3'x17' beds with two foot wide walkways. The fruit tree and grape areas are eight feet deep.

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