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How are you guys doing with the drought?

9 years ago

I was wondering how its been down there in Texas this year? We got lots of heavy rain here in Oklahoma in spring and summer this year. We only got into the 100's on two days this year and that is almost unheard of. My garden looked better this summer than it has in three or four years.

Is the situation improving there too?

I haven't noticed any posts on drought lately and hoped this is a good sign. I just saw rain forecast for New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado and the Texas panhandle and its supposed to come up here in a few days. We are bone dry again but the earlier rain provided some much needed relief to the lakes and rivers.

We are still on water rationing and I was told by the Water Dept. that this will stay in effect from here on out for conservation purposes. Lots of people have been fined around here. A guy told me there was a very long line at the courthouse and nearly all of them were paying fines for watering. Oklahoma is still stricken and they say we are still in a serious drought.

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