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14 years ago

This is the first time visiting this forum. I came with a hope that you can give me some ideas for protecting my nesting Robins. For the first time I have Robins nesting in my city garden. There was a nest on the top of my wooden pergola/trellis in last years dry vines. Babies hatched, Mom was feeding them fine and they were growing so fast. 5 days ago I saw the Robin pair screaming at a grackle while dive bombing it. It did not seem at all effected by the display.

Since that episode I have not seen the Robin pair. My fears were confirmed today. I found the body of one of the chicks in the lawn. Today I noticed a Robin putting the finishing touches on a new nest in the crown of my Iceburg Rose. It is an old climber so the crown is 3' above the railing of our raised pool deck. While working in the garden I saw a Grackle following around the Robin as it looked for food and nesting material. It was about 3' behind it but definitely following it. I fear for the new Robin family that is setting up their nursery. I fear it is going to happen again. Some other bird is going to kill the Robin chicks. What to do? Is there anything I can do?

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