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Feeding Robins

16 years ago


I am just starting to feed birds. My feeder, now that I have a baffle, is working out well for the cardinals, chickadees, and woodpeckers. I have in it black oil sunflower seeds.

1)Do robins eat this seed?

2)Do they feed off the ground only? They will come all the way to me on my front porch in the evenings, but I've never seen one actually fly up to a feeder. Do I need to put seed on the ground for them?

3)How do I tell a male/female robin apart?

4)Are they known for being this friendly/brave?

5)Do they travel together?

They seem so friendly, so I'd like to accomodate them if a feeder (sunflower seeds) from a shepherd's hook is not what they like.

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