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What's Left on My Want List (wlomwl) Seed Swap: 2

7 years ago

See link to 1st thread at end of this post.

Rules and Procedures from 1st thread:

I'm patrob (Patricia) and this will be the third year I have hosted the What's Left on My Want List (WLOMWL) Swap. We had great participation last year, and I hope this year's swap is just as successful. New traders are always welcome to join too!

There are just a few changes to the rules and procedures. If there is anything you would like clarified, just post on this thread or e-mail me at

Important Dates

Sign up now through Nov. 9, 2014.
Post and update your seeds wanted list on your GW member page through Nov. 9.
Mail seeds to me no later than Dec. 15, 2014.
I will mail back to you no later than Jan. 13, 2015.

Send Me Your Info:
As soon as you sign up, send to
your GW name,
real name,
and mailing address

You may also include your preferences about duplicates and substitutions and types of seeds you do or do not want.

Your Want List:
Post your want list on your member page with the date you updated it at the top.

You may add to or take from your list until Nov. 9. After Nov. 9 no changes are allowed.

Each time you update your list, post to the thread so those who have already looked at your list will know to look again, and I know to update the Composite List. It might be helpful to put newly added requests at the top of your list.

If your list is not current now, you might put "Not Updated" at the top until you are ready for others to start selecting seeds for you.

Composite Want List:
I create a Composite Want List on Google Docs to make searching all the lists at once possible. When your list is ready to be added, post here or e-mail me so I will know to add it. Any time you update your list, do the same, and I will update the Composite List as well. It is quick and easy for me to update, so it is no bother.

The link to the Composite Want List is at the bottom of this post.

Eligible Seeds:


I look at each and every packet as I check them off want lists.
Seeds that are not on want lists will be returned to you unless you have indicated they are extras for sharing.

We did much better last year, but there are still some who are not paying attention to this rule! If you are uncertain about what it means, ask me!

Read want lists carefully. If a person lists specific varieties of a plant, that is what they want. If they are open to other varieties, they will say so by adding something "or others," "any named varieties," " or any."

If you are searching the want lists and see "Marigold," look to see if it's a heading and specific varieties are listed before assuming that any marigold will do.

For plants that are readily available in named varieties, limit the number of packets of generic (unnamed or unknown variety) seeds you send for any one person to about 5 maximum.. If everyone sends just 5 packets of generic seeds to the same person, that will add up to about 200, way more than enough,

Try to send seeds for as many different people as you can. However, there is no limit on the number of packets of named varieties that you send for one person.

If you have some seeds that no one has requested but you think others would like to have, you may include them in your package marked as "extras." Don't include them in your count.

As far as possible, I will send back to you the same sort of seeds that you send in: mostly named in = mostly named out; mostly generic in = mostly generic out; mostly veggies in = mostly veggies out. Note: I said as far as possible.

Send viable seeds not more than two or three years old in most cases.
This is NOT the swap to rehome really old seeds. If packets are so old that writing is worn off or the paper is wearing out, that's a hint the seeds are probably too old to be viable.

Bottom line: Send only seeds you would be pleased to receive!

Please do not send anything other than seeds -- no cuttings, bulbs, etc.

Seed Packets:

Enclose the following information with your seeds:
Total number of packets
Number of flower seed packets
Number of vegetable/fruit seed packets

Mark each packet you send in clearly and legibly with
the name of the plant, including the scientific name if you can,
year the seed was harvested or packaged for,
recipient's number,
your name or number.

If you don't put your own number on your seed packets, I will have no way to prevent giving you back your own seed.

If the seeds fulfill a wish, such as "butterfly attractor" or "your favorite perennial" or "anything red," please mark this on the packet so l know for sure it was requested.

Group seeds for each participant in baggies. Please don't make them hard to separate.

Be as generous as you can in the number of seeds per packet. Normally 15-20 seeds is about right with more for tiny seeds and perhaps fewer for very large seeds.
Last year I combined many of the very tiny packets into one. A dozen lettuce seeds is too few; a dozen squash seeds is fine.

If you send lots of seed packets with just a few seeds each, I'll count them as partial packets, not wholes. If you have only enough seeds for one packet, send one packet.
Exception: If you have just a bit of something very special, most of us would rather receive a small amount than none.

If you send multiple packets of the very same seed for one person, they will count as only one packet.
(When someone says duplicates are okay, it means duplicates that just happen to come in from different people.)

Be sure your packets are well sealed. Loose seeds are wasted.

Seeds You Will Receive:
You may send in any number of packets and will receive the same number or more in return unless you tell me not to send back that many. Extra packets will be divided among all participants.

How many of your wishes are actually filled depends on what is sent in for you by others. Sometimes way more packets are sent in for a person than he sent in himself. Those packets above the number he sent in will go to others.

DO NOT make side trades as I can not guarantee that any one packet will end up in someone's package.

If fewer packets are sent in for you than you sent to me, you will receive duplicates, when possible, or substitutions. If you have a preference, let me know when you e-mail your info, and I'lll do my best.

It's difficult to find enough different seeds to return to some who send in extremely large numbers of packets. Hopefully if you receive unwanted seeds, you will be able to pass them on or use them in other swaps.

Return Shipping:

Please send cash or check for the correct amount of priority postage according to the chart below. Do not send stamps for priority mail as I am printing the labels at home to get the discount and I pay online..

$5.25 -- The small priority box will hold 100 seed packets, perhaps a few more.
$5.70 -- The padded priority envelope will hold even very larger trades.

I much prefer to return seeds to you in either a small priority box or a priority padded envelope. It does not cost much more than regular mail, sometimes less, includes tracking and delivery confirmation, and saves me a tremendous amount of time. It is quick for me to print the label and attach it to the new free priority box or envelope. There's no trying to salvage old mailers and no waiting in line at the post office. Plus I can add heavier seeds to your package without going over the amount of postage you sent.

If you just don't want to use priority mail and don't want tracking and delivery confirmation, you may send a self-addressed label and the same number of stamps it took to mail your package to me. I'll reuse your bubble envelope and send it back to you by regular mail.

Suggestions for New Traders:

Be sure to post on this thread or e-mail me when your want list on your member page is ready for others to use while selecting seeds for you.

The sooner I add your list to the Composite List the better as some will start filling seed packets right away. Remember the old adage about the early bird and the worm!

You may keep working on your list until Nov. 9, even after I add it to the Composite List. Just post here or e-mail me whenever you make changes, and I'll update the Composite List each time. It's quick and easy to do as long as I know to do it, so don't worry that you are a bother.

It might be helpful to post a list of seeds you have available to trade on your member page. Lots of people may add seeds they see on your list to their want list. What you consider ordinary may be just what someone else is hoping for. If you have seeds for plants native to your area, they may be perfect for trading.

Here is a link that might be useful: 1st Thread

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