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Bagging method basics

15 years ago

I want to save seeds in the years to come, but I need to stop/minimize cross pollination of my tomatoes.

I read the FAQ on "How Do I Prevent Tomatoes from Cross-pollinating", but it leaves out some information. The best method for me appears to be bagging, because my garden does not allow for much distance between plants.

Is their any further documentation on the bagging method of minimizing cross pollination, that I could read?

How does everyone here do the bagging method?

Some of the questions I have are:


How can I tell, where the blossoms are before they open?

Do blossoms come at different times, so I could taste a tomato variety first and then decide if I want to save seed?

Where to buy and how much are bags?

How to tie the bags?

When to remove the bags?

How do the blossoms get pollinated if they are bagged? Do I need to hand pollinate, if so How?

I know I will have more questions.



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