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Why do my tomato plants look so sickly?

15 years ago

Hi all,

My name is Sarah and I have tomato envy. I am a first time gardener, and I see other people's plants so full of leaves and bushy, and my plants are spindly and lacking leaves. I have two heirlooms (Brandywine, and yellow pearl), and one hybrid (first girl (I think that's the name)), and ALL are doing poorly. I have one Morimoto (sp?) in an upside down handing basket that seems to be doing great.

I live in an apartment in Los Angeles so my tomatoes are in containers. All the soil is the same, and all have the same fertilizer, water, light, etc.

The ones in the large pots have a lot of yellow and brown leaves, and the leaves that are left are under constant attack by hornworms.

Any thoughts on what is happening to my poor little wimpy tomatoes?


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