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Pictures of Ripe Indigo Rose Tomatoes

We have been selling them for several weeks now and I forgot to get back on here and share a pics, sorry. Sales are picking up and we have alot of repeat buyers. People try one or two or even buy one or two pounds! I am charging $2.50 a pound. Probably could be more, but I don't have the time to sell different tomatoes at different prices.

Here are some pictures of the RIPE ones.

What they look like on the plant.

For the record, they are very dirty. I have been using misters in the high tunnel to keep things cooler (it has been working great) but we had a stop kick up a week ago and it blew more dust than rain. All the dust stuck to the tomatoes. I washes off, but the misters don't get it all. That is why the ones in top left look dirty.


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