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Do tomatoes still grow in size while ripening?

8 years ago

I know this may seem like a silly question for some :p. I have a big boy tomato plant in a 10 in container; no problems with getting fruit, and just as I was wondering when they would ripen, two of them have started to develop some color- my concern is that they seem small for their type- the largest is bigger than a golf ball, and the smallest I have are maybe slightly larger than a ping pong ball. Am I doing something wrong?
Just FYI the weather is extremely humid (I am in DC), and day temps have been in the mid to upper 80s (heat wave the past two days, with temps near 100). As far as feeding goes, I started with Osmocote when I bought it as a planter, and have switched to a light feeding of tomato tone every week and a weak dose of fish/seaweed soluble fertilizer as well.


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