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new: wlomwl swap 2012 (what's left on my want list)

11 years ago

I’m patrob (Patricia) and have volunteered to host the WLOMWL Swap this year. This is my favorite seed swap of the entire year, and I’m hoping that we’ll have great participation again this year. Everyone is invited to join in. It’s all about having fun, sharing our seeds with friends, and, of course, seeing how many of our own wishes will be fulfilled. I’ll do my best to follow in the footsteps of the wonderful hosts we have had in the past. Thank you, Michelle, Alana, and Patty!

I’m sticking with the same procedures that previous hosts have used with just a few tweaks. I hope I have thought of everything since posts on GW can not be edited. If I need to make changes or additions, my later posts will overrule anything stated here.


Signup starts now and continues through Dec. 9, 2012.

Your want lists can be updated through Dec. 9 as well.

Seeds must be mailed to me no later than Jan. 10, 2013.

I will mail packets back to you no later than Jan. 24, 2013.

1.As soon as you sign up, please send an e-mail with your GW name, real name, and mailing address to me

Include any special instructions that you have for me, such as “duplicates preferred to substitutions” or “no duplicates" or "no vegetables” or “no trees,” etc.

I will not be sending you lots of e-mail, will not share your info with anyone, and will delete it as soon as the swap is completed.

Using e-mail allows me to send messages, if needed, to a large group at once.

I will e-mail everyone my mailing address as soon as signups end on Dec. 9.

If you prefer not to e-mail me, please be sure that I can communicate with you through GardenWeb’s message system.

2. Your want list needs to be posted on your member page.

I will compile a master want list on Google Docs as I did last year. The link is at the bottom of this post.

Put the date you updated your list at the top of your list.

If you are not ready for others to view your list now and start filling packets, you might want to say "Not Updated" at the top.

Post to this thread when you make changes to your list.

Do not add to or delete from your list after Dec. 9.

(HINTS: If you update your list as soon as possible, you are likely to receive more of the seeds you want. Many start packing seeds as soon as the swap starts and send in right after signups end. If you add new items to your list, putting them at the top with a heading like "Newly Added" will help people notice them.)

3. Mark each packet you send in with at least the

name of the plant, including the scientific name if you can,

year the seed was harvested or packaged for,

recipient’s number,

your name or number.

If the seeds fulfill a generic wish, such as “butterfly attractor” or “your favorite perennial” or “anything red,” please mark this on the packet so I’ll know for sure it was requested.

4. If you have multiple packets for the same person, please tape or bag them together to help me sort.

5.Send only seeds another participant has requested and only viable seeds not more than two or three years old.

Be as generous as you can in the number of seeds per packet, at least 15-20 seeds, however, many of us would prefer fewer seeds of something really special to none.

Bottom line: Send only seeds you would be pleased to receive!

Please do not send anything other than seeds -- no cuttings, bulbs, etc.

6. You may send in as many packets as you want, and you will receive the same number in return.

How many of your wishes are filled depends on what is sent in for you.

If fewer are sent in for you than you sent to me, you may choose to have duplicates, when possible, or substitutions. See #2.

7. Now here are my thoughts on return shipping:

I want each person to choose the method best for him/her, and I do not mind mailing packages several different ways.

A. You might choose to include a return label and enough stamps for me to mail your same bubble envelope back to you.

If you send extra stamps, I will return them to you.

I just checked the USPS website, and Delivery Confirmation does not appear as an option for first class envelopes. (I have used it in the past, but it is not there now!)

B. If you want Delivery Confirmation, you may include a return label and enough stamps for me to send your bubble envelope back at the first class parcel rate with Delivery Confirmation.

Parcel rates are a bit higher than envelope rates and depend on distance and weight.

DC for a first class parcel is an additional 85 cents. There is no option to print a shipping label from the USPS website and save.

My zip code is 76844, so you can go to the USPS website and estimate the shipping charge.

Again, if you send too many stamps, I will return extras.

C. Or you can send me a check or money order for $5.10 and I will print a shipping label from the USPS website and return your seeds in a large priority padded envelope with Delivery Confirmation included.

Okay, let's get this swap underway!!!

Here is a link that might be useful: COMPOSITE WANT LIST 2012 WLOMWL SWAP

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