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Please critique next year's list of tomatoes.

15 years ago

This is my 2nd year with a garden - last year was pretty much a wash as I was really clueless. Bonus was tons of Sungold volunteers this year. I made the mistake this year of mainly planting what I found at the nursery. Early Girl, Celebrity & Better Boy are barely a step above store tomatoes. I luckily bought a Black Cherry and LOVE them. I am now looking for tomatoes that have huge flavor. I really like cherry tomatoes, but make a lot of salsa & sauces. I plan on juicing & drying this year as well. I also give away a lot of them as they grow like weeds here in Sacramento.

I plan on planting from any of the Sungold F2's that are tasty that I am currently growing, but also have a huge list of what I'm thinking I'll plant next year. Any that you think are overrated or missing from my list? I'll probably grow from seed & have 1 or 2 plants for each variety & give away the others. Also, how long can seed be stored in the fridge or is it better in the freezer? Thanks from the newbie! :)

Pink Brandywine

Aunt Ruby's German Green

Kellog's Breakfast

Caspian Pink

Yellow Brandywine


Marianna's Peace

Cherokee Purple

Black Krim


Arkansas Traveler

Sara Black

Goose Creek


Green Grape

Sungold of course

Black Cherry of course

Tommy Toe

Snow White

Red Currants

Amish Paste


Black Plum

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