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My pet Magpie 'Crooked Beak' Pt 2

10 years ago

Thank you Claire for letting me know about posting, I thought there may have been a limit-like most things.

I'm glad your fascinated with the topic and it wouldn't feel right if I didn't post anymore and it wouldn't be fair to you or anyone else interested, so I'm up for another 150, lol.

Thank you for the orbstudy site too. At least it's being documented now from a reputable source. I still need to check out more of the site.
I wonder if they are going to check and mention about ley lines, water lines or power centers for orbs.

Re Ravens: What are your ravens eating in your yard and in the street? Are you feeding them, or are they possibility eating grit/sand for their gizzards?

- _I didn't have any food in the yard or in the street for the ravens. The magpies may have dropped some food while leaving, but I'm not sure. We have about 6 inches of snow on the ground now, so for them getting grit would be easy. We have had weather in the 30-40s degrees here for the last two weeks, which is unusual. Hasn't snowed here that much this season.

I think you'll like the ravens once they start coming around.


Hi konrad___far_north

Your comment:
IMO.. some of the videos show snow to me, I have these cameras also and showed virtually the same thing, very small particles,.. even after several hours no snow can be seen outside.

- _If you would be patient, I was going to show the same orbs in my house once the cameras come in and get put up. I guess you would say it is snowing in the house too.

Since you are stating you have these cameras too that shows virtually the same thing, maybe you could please show some videos and we can do some comparison. But I don't think you will since I already asked you before in the prior post to you. I understand.

They are luminous ball-shaped objects that are seen and photographed all over the world, as I've been told.
That is correct. They are another form of the RODS, therefore electromagnetic bio-organisms, that are actually energy structures, have an energy intelligence and that also react upon a human consciousness, respectively upon thoughts and feelings.)

- _Another form are the RODS, are you referring to 'Robotic Organic Droids' or just rods as in long cylinder shaped?

If the orbs were electromagnetic, they would have at least responded to the magnet test or the battery test, but didn't.

You first mentioned the orbs are 'bio-organic' and then changed it to 'bio-organisms'. There is a difference between the two.
When you said bio organics, I think of carbon-based compounds like animals and plants. Those pertaining to the composition and biological activity of carbon-based compounds, especially those of laboratory rather than biogenic origin.

Now when you mention bio-organisms, I think along the lines of Morgellons disease ect. A dangerous fast-proliferating organism that could be used as the basis of a biological weapon.
You might want to check into that.

Best wishes,

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