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Any ideas on how to keep my puppy out of stuff

14 years ago

For the last few weeks I have caught my dog eating my Garlic and my tomatoes. She is very hard headed and doesn't know better. I never catch her in the act. But I see the mud hanging from her mouth and sometimes I have to fight with her to get her to drop the tomatoes. Everything is kept in pots. I moved all my garlic up on cinder blocks and now they sit about 4ft off the ground at the opening. She hasn't figured out how to get to it yet. But this won't work for the toms and peppers to many of them and it would not be cost effective. I thought I could construct a fence around the veggie pots but, I will have to move them back into the sun when it cools off again. P;us I do not want to really put big holes in the ground in this heat.

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