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UPDATE: Secret Santa Seed Swap (100 and still going)

15 years ago

Secret Santa Seed Swap...Please join in the spirit of Christmas, and become Santa, Mrs Clause, or an Elf for the season !!

1. This will be a wish list swap, please post your TOP 20

wishes, here on the SS thread..( also make sure your

want list is up to date, incase Santa wants to take a

Peek !)

2. Posting a wish list, signs you up to particapate in this swap...deadline to post wishlists will be November 24th.

3. All seeds need to be mailed out on Dec 1st ( so santa has time to get to all his other commitments for the season)

Ok, soooo everyone will post a TOP 20 WISH LIST...and then send their mailing address to me. On November 24th , I will mail all the Santas, Mrs Clauses, and elves a list of participants addresses. If you have something on the persons WISH will mail it to them on DEC 1st..preferably with a Christmas Card.

This swap, is to spread the Holiday will be so much fun to surprise people with a nice card, and some seeds that they are really wanting.

Sooo, would you like to recieve some of your "wishes" this season, or maybe Just want to be able to share with someone this season...Christmas IS about giving !

This Santa is looking forward to filling alot of "wishes", where is your "wish list ??"

AFTER NOV 24TH..PLEASE EMAIL ME A LIST OF WHOM YOU ARE MAILING TO ( NOT WHAT, JUST WHO..) please dont put my name on your list,so I can be surprised address will be on the list.

Any questions..please EMAIL them to me.

We have over 100 WISH LISTS , WHOOO HOOOO !!! Thanks to ALL that have joined !

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