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new: back to basics 12 month seed swap

17 years ago

There seems to be enough intrest in a 12 month seed and card exchange, so, I'll start taking sign ups.

This will not be secret and is a great way to make friends with and get to know two other gardeners. The one you are sending to and the one who is sending to you.


1)by the 15th of each month you will mail your PAL a card and a pack of seeds Preferably something from her "wish list"

2) post when you get your seeds and card so we can all enjoy knowing what you got.

There should be no boxes of presents. The main thing for this swap is to send your seeds on time and send a card or note so you get to know each other. Even if you need to order seeds by mail this should be less expensive than what many of us have been spending on postage in some of our other swaps.

We will start by having everyone send a "Christmas Card" for the pal that will be sending to them. You need to write a note along with the card telling your pal a bit about yourself and your garden/yard and whatever else you want to share.You will get your PAl's address inDec and send your first pack of seeds in Jan 2006.

All of the cards will come to me and I will foreward them unopened to the assigned Pals. This helps to eliminate some who just sign up and then don't follow through. Anyone who misses a month without getting in touch will be dropped out.

If this sounds like something you would like to do please sign up here.

thanks, Beth B

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