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Shade plants that are best for wildlife? Native prefered.....

19 years ago

OK as far as my shade gardening goes..... I'm the one who was discouraged about it recently....

I'm feeling a little better but have ultimately decided that shade gardening is "for the birds"..... What I mean by that is that while I will try diligently to keep the part of the shade garden close to the house attractive..... I've decided to "sacirifce" the rest to wild life..... while this could be attractive.... they(birds, butterflies, squirrels etc.) are my main interest..... What are some of your top plants (particularly shrubs) to attract,feed and protect wildlife.... whether they're larval or nectar sources or berry and nuts sources..... what plants (shade plants of course) would you plant for wildlife....... natives and endangered natives a plus.... (native and endangered plants....) I.E. and for example I'm thinking of planting some spice bushes... they are a larval source for butterflies and I think (?) birds and other things..... (squireels etc.) eat the berries...... :)

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