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NEW: ** Tomato Seed Swap Round Robin :) **

16 years ago

OK -- who's ready to do a round robin with TOMATO SEEDS??? Here's the details -- we're ready to get this started!

This is a round robin tomato seed swap. We are all beginning to think about the tomato varieties that we want to plant this next Spring! So now is the time to swap. Rules are as follows:

1.To participate in the round robin, each participant will need to submit 5 different varieties of tomato seed (minimum 25 seeds per variety)-- open-pollinated or heirloom varieties perferred. This will get our round robin started with at least 25 different varieties of tomato seeds (5 participants X 5 varieites each) Seeds should be packaged in a small jewelry-sized Ziploc (for moisture proof) and the Ziploc contained in a small coin envelope. Jewelry-sized Ziplocs and coin envelopes will be supplied to each participate by the round robin host before the round robin begins. Seed packets are all due by Dec/10/2005. Each seed packet must be labeled with the following information:

a.Variety Name

b.Type: Indeterminate or Determinate

c.Year of seeds (must be 2005 seed)

d.Days to harvest (from transplant to garden)

e.Source of seed whether it be from a company or seed you have saved yourself (if you have saved the seed, it must be by the fermentation method)

f.Any other known information about the tomato variety such as good for container gardening, resistant to specific diseases, leaf type, etc

g.GW person (GW name, email address) supplying the seed for the round robin.

2.Put in as many seeds as you take out- if you remove 5 seeds from one variety and 5 seeds from another variety, then make sure that you add 10 new seeds in a packet from a variety that is not yet in the round robin. Participants may also add extra varieties and seeds if they would like to. This will keep our round robin fresh and also growing with new varieties

3.Each participant will have 5 days to review the contents of the Tomato Seed Round Robin when they receive it in the mail.Then they will be responsible for packaging the round robin (in the original package) and sending it on to the next person.

4. Participants will be required to keep the round robin host's name/address as the return address on the package in case it should be lost in the mail it can be returned to the host.

5.Participants are required to send the round robin package to the next person on the list via USPS 1st class mail with delivery confirmation which is a small minimal charge.

6.Participants must email the host and post to the GW Round Robin Exchange Forum when they receive the package and when they mail the package to the next person. They must also post the USPS Package Confirmation Number for tracking purposes.

7.Round Robin is limited to the first 5 people who sign up!! Here's the link for the signup page:

8.With all original seed donations for the round robin being received by Dec/10, the package will be mailed to the 1st person on Dec/12. The round robin should conclude by January 31, 2006 with everyone mailing their package to the next person in a timely manner

If you have any questions, please email Judy @


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