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12 month seed swap November

17 years ago

Hi to All,

Beth, hope you don't mind I started a new Nov. post.

Just wanted to let Darlene know that your seeds will be going out today or tomorrow.

Wow, yesterday in Michigan was such a beautiful day. The outside thermometer said 69 degrees! Too bad hubby and I were searching all the kitchen and bath and tile stores. I did get to look at the bulbs in Lowe's. LOL They still aren't marked down. :o(

I finally started a couple seeds downstairs ... I bought some varigated clivia seeds off ebay. They look great, hope to see some blooms in 4 to 5 years. LOL

I started 2 clivia plants 4 years ago, still no bloom. I also have several more that I started from seed 3 years ago ... no bloom. Anyone have any hints for me on how to get them to bloom. The ones that are 4 years old have a ton of leaves and they look great.


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