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NEW: 5th Annual Rare-Unusual-Named Variety Seed Exchange

15 years ago

Hi there!

I would like to welcome you to the 5th Annual Rare/Unusual/Named Variety seed exchange!

This is an exchange for named variety, rare or unusual seeds whether they are annuals, perennials, vegetables, herbs, trees- any kind of seed will do, hand collected- (that we all know may or may not actually come true to form when lovingly gathered from your own gardens) or commercial- as long as it meets the criteria of named variety, rare or unusual seed.

Every one is welcome to join! This is not just for "Newbies" or "Old Hands"- it is for anyone wishing to participate!

You can send as many seed packs as you like- but only 5 (or so) packs of each specific seed please. That way we can have a larger diversity of seeds to exchange, and a smaller chance of doubling up on the return envelopes.

You will receive back as many packs as you sent in- and there may be bonus packs as we do seem to have several generous folks who offer their abundant seeds with abandon by sending in more than they want back. Due to lack of my usual "Gardening Frenzy" this year, because of family health matters, I am unable to insure bonus packs for all from my own stash this year- but I will try to send you more back than sent in!

Just for clarification-

A named variety is a cultivar of a particular type of plant such as- Gaillardia FanfareÂ. Gaillardia is the name of the plant, and ÂFanfare is the variety. Another example would be - Black Eyed Susan - Rudbeckia hirta ÂPrairie SunÂ. Rudbeckia hirta is the Latin name of the plant- ÂPrairie Sun is the variety- Black Eyed Susan is the common name, hirta is not a variety name. The color of the plant is usually not the variety name.

I figure the general amount of seed in each packet should be close to 6-12 for large seeds, 24 or so for the usual size and a nice healthy pinch of the tiny seed. If you are feeling generous- go right ahead- and know that your seeds will be well appreciated! Generosity has itÂs own rewards!!

Understanding rare seed is just that- rare and hard to find- the amounts may vary than the suggestions listed above- but please try to send the amount of seed you would like to receive. We all like to feel as good about the giving as the receiving.

I would ask that if you send mostly veggies in- be prepared to receive mostly veggies back. Not every one is open to trading their flowers for vegetables. I cannot absorb 100Âs of veggie seed packets myself but I will do my best to be fair. Also, if there are seeds sent in that do not fit the requirement such as "yellow marigolds", (unknown) "Ornamental Grass" with no other name given, or "sweet" corn- I will need to return those to the sender. Somebody somewhere will LOVE those seeds- I have a few of those "no names" myself, to share and to grow, but as wonderful as they may be- they do not belong in this exchange.

If you are interested, please post below by November 23rd. I will send you an E-Mail through your GW Page- with info you may need- and where to send your seeds.

Individually packaged and labeled trade ready viable seeds should be sent in a sturdy bubble mailer with your GW name on the outside of it, to me by November 29th with:

1) Return postage equal to what it cost you to send, a return address label, and if you wish, postage to cover a confirmation slip upon returning to you.

2) A list of things you would like or are interested in or a copy of your want list from your trade page, what ever is easier, with your GW name on it -and a total number of seed packets sent in.

Please know- I will make every effort to find your wants if the seeds are available!

And- well- now that finding folks wants has been mentioned, I would like to ask you, if you can find the time or have the willingness to look through the others wish lists posted on their GW Page to see if you can fill someoneÂs wishes with your seed offerings, that would be most appreciated! It is going above and beyond- but I believe it is what makes this exchange so wonderful! It's not just the seeds them selves, it is the thought and caring put into selecting them, by so many who sign up.

It is also very much appreciated when you identify whom the packet of seeds should go to, without writing their name on the packet if at all possible. Placing multiple packets into separate baggies with the intended named on the outer bag- or taping packets to another small sheet of paper with the name on the paper- or paper slips inside the clear baggies- are all very effective ways to identify to whom the seeds should go to- without actually writing the name on the packet. I may miss an opportunity to give someone what you intended to give them or is wanted if they are not identified in this way- There are tons-o-seeds to go through and so little time ;-0

I ask that the intendedÂs name not be put directly on the packet in the event that I cannot send the seeds to the intended. If some one who sent in 20 packets asked for say Gaillardia Fanfare- and 10 people sent in packets for that person- I would not want to send them all 10 Gaillardia Fanfare packets back. I would want to send them 20+ different packets, one of them being Gaillardia Fanfare. This way- no one will think they have gotten seeds they shouldnÂt have- because they received a packet with someone elseÂs name written on it.

I hope to have all your new seeds back to you in January 2009, after the holiday rush. This will give me time to sort for everyone- and avoid the Holiday Mail rush!

If you have any questions at all- please let me know-

Thanks for looking, and hereÂs to a great swap!!


Julie_MN @ GardenWeb

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