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Today's Harvest...Post your pics here...

16 years ago

With the heatwave we've had here, things are starting to produce. Most plants were transplanted June 8th thru June 16th, so these are way ahead of schedule, many in the 40-50 day range.

We had almost 2" of rain in 15 minutes a week or 2 ago and many fruits split, even green ones. This week calls for beautiful weather, no rain in sight all week and highs in the mid 80's.


Besides cherries, (Sungold, Bi-Color Cherry, Haley's Purple Comet, SunPlum RL, Galina's, Santa, Gary Staley's, etc), here are the following:

Cherokee Bi-Color

Gary O'Sena


Spudakee Purple Not (RL; is this CP?)

Sparks Yellow

Sarnowski Polish Plum

Korney's Cross

SunPlum PL

Gregori's Altai

Kellogg's Breakfast x heart cross

Red Brandywine

OTV Brandywine

Beauty King

Flathead Monster


Sophie's Choice

Isis Candy (Not!)

Evan's Purple Pear


New Big Dwarf

Large Pink Bulgarian (heart? HeShPoLe?)

Jagged Leaf

Japanese Trifele Black


Pic what ya picked & post what ya pic'd! Pick, pic, & post!

Huge pics are great but try to meet GW's size guidelines if possible... 60KB... use a jpeg optimizer program to get filesize down to reasonable amount. There are many shareware & freeware programs out there.


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