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Best evergreens for a thick privacy hedge...

16 years ago

We just recently moved to the Green Bay area and would like to plant a privacy hedge in our backyard, as we back to a busy city road. The evergreens we will need to use must be tolerant to wind and thrive in high sunlight areas, and to also be able to withstand the winters here. We are planting them to create a thick "wall" that will also discourage our children from running through and going into the road behind us. We are looking to maintain them at a 6-8 feet height. It doesn't matter if they do mature taller than that, we don't mind trimming. We have a heavier soil. We have never done this before, so any suggestions would be wonderful. We have asked our local nurseries for suggestions, and so far, the predominant tree is the upright juniper. We were also told to space about 6 feet apart. Is it the best? Also, the distance that is suggested, will that create the thick "wall-like" feel that we are looking for? We are looking to accomplish this feat within the next week or two, since the evergreen planting season is quickly coming to an end... If you have a specific tree to suggest, please do! Thanks for all your advice!

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