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UPDATE: 2014 O.B.F. Member's Season of Sharing Swap Part 2

Your seeds are due to be MAILED ON or BEFORE Nov. 24th. Take your time and enjoy the process. :) Thank you!

Please put your name on the seed packet as the giver. Also, if the variety is for a specific person, please put their name on it, somehow. Your extra Christmas gift tags would be great for this!!!

Please send specifically NAMED seed varieties.

Please DON'T send seeds that are saved from Hybrid seeds.

Please make sure each named variety is neatly packaged.

Thank you and have FUN!!!

Current List of Participants and Their "General Wants":

Sheri (Panhandle_Seed_Swap)
1. I am planning a big butterfly garden.
2. I like OP or Heirloom Zinnias.
3. I would like to try your absolute FAVORITE vegetable or flower from your garden this year.

Annie (canyonwind)
1) self sowers but not invasive
2) Productive red/pink tomatoes that love heat (indeterminate tomatoes)
3) Productive summer vegetables (ie., zucchini, pablano pepper, eggplant)

Nicole (bluee19)
1. Self-sowers, not invasive.
2. Choose a seed that is a perrenial but has to start with the first letter of your name. For example, Melinda first letter starts with M, any perrenial with the letter M.
3. Asiatic/oriental lily seeds

Erica (EricaBraun)
1) Your Most Bizarre -- Your strangest, most unique, or rare edible or flower.
2) Rare Culinary Herbs
3) Medicinal Herbs

Susan (skyblue52)
1. Love annual flowers!
2. Lettuce - will try anything once!
3. Perennial Flowers

Vina (flowergirl34)
1. Morning Glories...any and all are welcome
2. Herbs, herbs, to try new kinds
3. Anything you'd like me to or to try new plants.

Melinda (ilovefarac)
1. Love my tomatoes!
2. Pink for memory and breast cancer garden!
3. Pots for patio!

Connie, "Nonna" (NonnaG)
1. Squash
2. Medicinal Herbs
3. Flowers I Have a few planters at the shop that I would love to fill. Entrance planters must have been a thing in the 50s.

Margo (smitties)
1. I would like yellow flowers of any kind.
2. Pink flowers of any kind.
3. anything you think would be special.

Promise (pmb2005)
Memorial Garden For Her Mom:
1. Blue - her favorite color
2. Yellow - Yellow roses were her favorites and she looked good in yellow.
3. White - Now she's our angel.
If there were a Rod Stewart flower, it would be in there! lol

Shirley (brittneysgran)
1. Black flowers and White flower seeds (want to do a black and white flower bed).
2. Sweet Williams
3. Anything Variegated

Mary E. (cottonwood468) -
1. That Bingo list sounds good, any of those flowers.
2. Radishes or Beets
3. If butterflies like it, I like it.

Jasmine (jas_il)
1. Any Veggie/herb (ie. Basil, Lettuce, Pepper, Beans)
2. Any Flowers (i.e Hollyhock, Dianthus, Dahlia, Petunia, etc.)
3. Any Container flowers or trailing plants for patio

Dawn (dmkelly)
1. Fun plants (annuals or veggies)
2. Your favorite garden plant or something that describes you (I would be a snapdragon... a little wild, a little mouthy, very playful)
3. Something for my humming birds and butterflies

Remember to take a peek at everyone's GardenWeb Want List as well. :)




Recipe Raffle Entries:
Nicole - 2
Erica - 2
Mary - 2
Sue G - 2
Dawn - 2
Melinda - 2
Margo - 2
Nonna - 2
Margo - 2
Annie - 2
Vina - 2

Please check-out the previous thread (link below) for some yummy recipes that have been entered in the raffle!!!

Here is a link that might be useful: O.B.F. Member's Season of Sharing Part 1

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