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UPDATE: Part 4: Theme Garden Seed Swap

14 years ago

I buckled down and did lots of sorting over the past 6 or 7 days. I am very nearly finished. Unless you told me otherwise, everyone now has a nicely stuffed folder. I am going to go through the leftover seeds one more time to see if maybe it didn't click about where they will fit in and then my plan is to post a list of the leftovers here. First come, first served. If you want any of them added to your packet, post here after I add the list and I will watch for people to claim things. I will place a limit of 5 packets per person so hopefully everyone in the swap will get a chance to choose something if they want to. Anything not claimed will be shared with a worthwhile program (like the winter sowing group.)

The list may not be up until after Thanksgiving, but I will see how my time goes. I need to the get house cleaned tomorrow and Tuesday (along with doing my usual errands and work) so I will just have to see how the time goes.

I'll be posting here under Part 4 when I begin to mail the padded envelopes and you can help out by posting when you receive so I won't worry about whether the seeds got to you. I sure hope everyone is happy with the way they were sorted. This was definitely an "eye-opener" for me. I will really appreciate seed swap hostesses more from now on. I wish we were all located closer to one another and we could just have one be seed sorting party!

If I don't get back on here before Thanksgiving, have a safe and happy holiday!


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