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Brandywine, Brandy Boy and misc. Pink Things

12 years ago

I'm already planning seeds for next year - wondering about Brandywine type tomatoes.

Last year, I had a Brandywine (pink) of some kind and a Red Brandywine. The pink one tasted fine, but didn't wow me, and only ever made maybe 3-5 tomatoes. The Red Brandywine was nice, and yielded pretty well.

I also had Mortgage Lifter - which yielded about a zillion tomatoes, all of which I disliked. Seemed insipid, almost no flavor to me.

This year, I have another Red Brandywine, which seems pretty good. I also have a Brandy Boy - which actually seems pretty tasty to me.

I also understand Caspian Pink is a competitor to Brandwine - I haven't tried that yet.

So - what's your favorites, in this type of tomato? Suggestions for next year?

I'm leaning toward another Brandy Boy for one - seems pretty healthy, productive, and tasty. Of course, I don't have another pink to compare him to this year. Unfortunately limited space - can't have one of each.

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