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tricks and treats seed swap

17 years ago

hi there! I decided to do a seed swap again since my first ever one that I did in the spring turned out to be such a hit! This one is gonna be lot's of fun for all and plus you'll get some new seeds for your garden next year! ok here's the rules!

~use only bubble envelopes. it's VERY important to do this! we don't want the seeds getting broken and smashed now do we??

~please include enough postage for me to be able to send your seeds to you. if you don't include the postage I can't do it for you! sorry! not intending to sound mean.

~you can send up to 4 of the same type of seeds. for example:you can send 4 packs of heavenly blue morning glory but not something like 10 packs of it.

~if you want to you can send a want list and I'll try to send as many of the types of seeds on your wish list as I can!

~please write tricks/treats swap or something like that beside my name or somewhere on or in the envelope so I can see it.

~have fun!

I want to try to have everybody's packages by october 20th or something like that. I want to try and have everybody's seeds to them by halloween! email me for my address

P.S.-if you have a suggestion that would make this swap easier or if you think I've forgotten to mention something please let me know!

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