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Easy-care shade plants for new gardener?

12 years ago

Hello -

I'm a 1st time homeowner and just starting to get my hands dirty with gardening (and excited to do so!). Our yard has minimal landscaping and most of the little garden areas are overgrown with grass and weeds due to lack of upkeep by the former owner. One of our outdoor projects this year wants to be planting a little garden area along the shady back part of our house. It is the only place in our yard that doesn't get sun - maybe an hour or two a day if lucky because of the roof overhang. Do you have suggestions of what we could plant that would be fairly self sustaining year after year and easy to care for? I have heard a few types of hostas would be a good match - what time of year should these be planted? Are there other plants you would recommend? Thank you!

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