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12 years ago

I can't believe this tomato has eluded me for so long. My experience with it is so good that I just felt the need to make this post. It is by far the best performer in my garden. Nothing seems to bother it, no problems with EB, Septoria, BER, nothing. Some flea beetles came and chewed up the lower leaves - the plants didn't flinch. 90-100 degree temps have become the norm - it's still growing, flowering, and setting fruit.

That leads me to the next part, the fruit is amazing. Beautiful tomatoes with little to no cracking or splitting of any kind and they taste great. Tomatoes can be left on the vine till near dead ripe and won't split with heavy rains (at least I haven't seen any splitting so far - I have on other varieties though). As far as production goes, they are also ahead of the pack, I've gotten about 8-10 pounds of fruit off each plant already and there's easily that much more that will be ready in the next week - and it's only mid-July - I expect to get tons more before the first frost.

Definitely on my re-grow list. Obviously, your mileage may vary, but this won is a winner for me. For me, NAR yields more, tastes better, looks better than just about every hybrid beefsteak I've ever tried. It's reasons like this that I grow so many different kinds every season. I've got another "main cropper" to add to my list of regulars.

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