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NEW: Spooktacular Seed Swap

14 years ago

Anyone interested in a Spooktacular Seed Swap for Perennial Seeds?

I hosted a September Seed Swap in the 2003. The September Seed Swap was a lot of fun and many people joined in. I thought about it and remembered how much fun it really was making up everyones envies and decided why not. It is fun and exciting to be able to send someone seeds who are really not expecting to get the exact seed they were hoping for. Of course not everyone will get the exact seeds they are hoping for but last time I did this everyone had fun sending secret seeds to someone who wanted that particular plant seed! So come on WHOSE GAME FOR THIS ONE?

Remember list your 10 to 15 most wanted seeds here. DO NOT LIST A HAVE LIST, ONLY WHAT YOU ARE HOPING TO RECEIVE.


1. Only Perennials, Bi-ennials, and Herbs. No common perennials such as regular Black-eyed Susan's, Shasta daisies, or Purple Coneflower. If you are not sure, ask me.

Please make sure they are FRESH seeds from this year.

  1. Label all the seeds with the plant name common and scientific. Make sure your seeds are properly dried!

    3. NO ANNUALS. If you choose to send annuals, it will be considered as a bonus and not part of the returning seeds you will receive.

    4. Not a typical Seed Swap this one is for rarer varieties of seeds, not common everyday items. As mentioned in rule #1.

    5. You will receive back the number of seeds you send in 10 packs in, 10 packs out.

    There is no cap on the number of seeds you send in HOWEVER, say you send in 10 packs of the same I can only give you credit for 1 variety UNLESS we get the equal amounts from other participants. (example 10 packs of fresh Tiger Lily seeds will be counted as 1)

    Although, I will TRY to match pack for pack but if you have an over abundance of seeds and no one else is as fortunate as you I can not possibly come up with that amount to return to you if we donÂt get a matching amount. So as of now any multiple packs will be considered bonus packs.

    6. Send your seeds in a BUBBLE MAILER to me this will also be the envy used to return to you, include enough postage inside the mailer to return your package to you. If it cost you 1.09 to send the seeds you are sending, (it will actually cost the me about 1.39 to send back to you) but you can include the amount it cost you to send it to me so you would need to include 1.09 postage in the package to me. If it cost you 1.20 to mail to me, then include 1.20 to mail back to you, include whatever amount it takes to send it to me include that amount to return your package to you.

    (My post office is one of the one that is charging the extra to send but I will just send it without talking to the clerks, I will just put it in the drop boxes so that should take care of that problem and if it cost you 1.09 or 1.49 or even 2.09 to mail your package to me then please include that amount in the envy to me.)

    7. Special request can be posted here. If someone has those seeds for you, they will send them to me as a special surprise for the receiver. DO NOT POST I HAVE THOSE! Example: request: White Peppercorn. If you see this post and you have them PLEASE DO NOT REPLY WITH: I have those seeds bootsie requested and I will include them. Just label that pack as a special for the person requesting and I will know that is who they are for! Ex: White Peppercorn-bootsie

    8. Sign up here, DO NOT EMAIL ME directly and then post a message here saying: You have mail. When you post here it automatically will post to me. At this time please post your most wanted.

    9. You will need to send a list to me with your specific wants and dislikes. I will try to fulfill your request to the best of what might come in. If you like Herbs and wish to receive them let me know. If you do not want any herbs let me know. I will need to know what types of seeds you want. If you have no request your package will be filled with whatever seeds are received.

    10. Seeds will need to be sent to me before November 4th. I will get them together and send back out by November 15th. If your seeds are received late then I may not be able to get them in time to go through them and send them back out on the 15th. Please make sure you send them in plenty of time to be to me by the November 4th.

    Please send enough for a decent trade. Please include at least 10 seeds UNLESS they are large seeds. Very small dust like seeds needs to be a little more.

    If you have any question email me and I will try to answer.

    Include in you package to me:

    Your NAME. Your ADDRESS: Your GW name, please do not forget this. It may be the only way I can ID you. A ADDRESS LABEL TO YOUR SELF. The number of packs of seeds you sent and list of what you included would be nice BUT NOT NECESSARY. PLEASE BE SURE TO INCLUDE Your wanted/dislike list, I wouldnÂt want to send you seeds you can not use. AND REMEMBER THE RETURN POSTAGE, without this I can not mail your seeds back to you.

    LABEL THE SEEDS WITH: COMMON AND SCIENTIFIC names on the packs you include PLEASE!!! Common names change from region to region in general. If you do not know the scientific name please look it up, OR let me know if possible that you can not find the scientific name but if at all possible PLEASE PLEASE list both. It makes it easier for the person receiving to know what they are getting if they havenÂt heard of these plants/seeds before.

    Ok, that's it. I think I have covered everything. If I left out anything, I will add it in an email to the group.

If your email is blocked I can not contact you.

Also PLEASE REMEMBER TO SEND FRESH SEEDS, from this years harvesting


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