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Yellowing lower leaves, wilting, no spots? What's my problem

13 years ago

I have a what was called a Roma Grape tomato that I am growing in a 5+ gallon container. It was planted in a commercial, non-dirt, potting mix containing a 3 month organic fertilizer. It grew quite robustly, is loaded with fruit, but I am now afraid I am going to lose it! The lower leaves gradually turn yellow, then wilt and die. The upper part of the stems with the yellowing leaves also wilt, although they often revive to some extent at night. There are no brown marks on the yellowing leaves--they look "healthy" other than their yellowing.

This plant is grown in full sun (8+ hours) and is watered when the soil 2-3" down does not feel damp (every 3-4 days when we don't get rain). I thought it might be a nutrient deficiency, because we had a lot of rain in June, so I added some more organic fertilizer two weeks ago, but it has had no apparent effect. (The tomatoes in my garden soil are not having this problem.)

Is this possibly a soil compaction, drainage problem (I've never grown tomatoes in containers before, but I thought I should need to water more often!). If so, how can I rectify it now? If not, what are the other possibilities?

Thanks for any help,


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