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No Weed&Feed for Winter?What to do w/ the weeds grown in winter?

13 years ago

I have this weed (look at pictures below) growing rigorously now. I have used weed&feed to the weeds, but it did not seem working at all. When I looked at those weed&feed packages, they are either for preventing seeds sprouting or killing the weeds in growing season, meaning spring and fall. There is none for winter time, but there are weeds growing in winter though. Those weed&feed for spring or fall do not seem working for the weeds in winter. What else can I use?

I had tried organic ways to maintain the lawn, but it was not working for me at all. I don't like to use any chemicals at all, but I was struggling with organic methods with no success after more than 2 years. I gave up on it. Weed&Feed seems working a lot better now, yet these winter weeds drive me nuts.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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